Can you get rid of bed bugs on your own?

bed bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs requires dedication, it’s not a simple process and the chances of you being successful depend on the severity of your infestation, the potential hiding places in your home, and whether other people in your building have bedbugs. This is particularly relevant if you live in an apartment block.

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be can you get rid of bed bugs on your own, but should you get rid of them by yourself? Consider the PestPro bed bug heat treatment is efficient and saves money on big jobs.

The safest approach is to get professional help from the best pest control in Brisbane. It’s worth spending a little time to find out more info about bed bug pest control professionals, the cost of hiring could be substantially cheaper than the inconvenience of dealing with the issue yourself.

If you choose to tackle this issue yourself then you need to have a good plan of attack, and most importantly you have knowledge about this and have taken Online Pest Control CEU Courses:

Locate The Source

It can be difficult to know where your bed bugs came from. They can crawl into almost any space and will travel between homes in pockets, suitcases, or other bags. Once in your home, they will hide in the crevices of your bed frame or the folds of soft furnishings. On The Fly Pest Solutions in Maryland specializes in IPM, Integrated Pest Management. IPM is an environmentally conscious form of pest control that relies on a combination of practices to solve your pest issues. Practices include education, exclusion, and prevention as well as understanding the habits of pests, and their interaction with the environment, which happen in every city including New York or London, an extraordinary city that attracts millions of people every year, visiting for its unique cultural and culinary features- of course it’s beautiful buildings. London is also a popular place to work and many people move there each year.  However, this doesn’t come without saying bed bugs frequently make it on the unwanted souvenir list for many visitors and residents.

According to the lauderdale pest control company the first indication of the issue will most likely happen when you wake up and find you’ve been bitten overnight. Bed bugs don’t carry disease but the bites will itch, you’ll be covered in red sores.

You may also see squashed bed bugs in your bed, where you’ve rolled over on them.

Treating Them

Heat is the most effective killer of bed bugs. That means all the soft furnishings in your bedroom need to be washed and then dried. Drying should be undertaken at a heat of at least 60° for twenty minutes to ensure they’ve been killed. Contact Phoenix Bed Bug Exterminator company to help you eliminate these bugs before they keep reproducing even more and the problem get’s worse.

However, when moving soft furnishings from your bedroom to the washing machine it is imperative that you place them in a bag and seal them in. They can then be safely carried through your home as the bed bugs will be trapped. The bag should only be opened as you put the items into the washing machine.

It’s also a good idea to vacuum your entire home. This should be completed slowly to ensure you have been thorough. It’s best to use a vacuum with a bag as you can seal the bag tightly when full and dispose of it. This will ensure the bed bugs are removed from your home.

If there is anything that can’t be washed you’ll need to see if you can seal it inside a bag and leave it sealed in the bag for at least a year! This will kill any bed bugs still present.

Should you have furniture that can’t be cleaned properly and you can see no other option then you should discard it. However, make sure it is broken so that somebody else won’t be tempted to take it home instead, effectively spreading the bed bug infestation.

Don’t forget, it’s difficult to do this successfully yourself, there is no shame in trying and then calling the professionals for bed bugs extermination.