Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas

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Modern life can be incredibly stressful, and as our workloads get bigger and our schedules are filled up with appointments, events, and meetings, we all need somewhere to sit back and relax.

In the summertime, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the garden. But with little time to actually maintain the lawn, water the plants, and tend to the garden, it can be difficult to actually enjoy the outdoor space. To combat this, there are plenty of garden design ideas that require very little maintenance like getting a Custom Nets Designer for your pets or to play sports, making them perfect for families and working professionals.

Ditch the lawn

If you really can’t handle the tedious task of mowing the lawn every few weeks, ditch it completely. There are plenty of people opting for totally paved outdoor spaces so that they are free to enjoy it without any prior maintenance. Alternatively, you can keep part of the lawn but create a patio space with gravel, paving, or composite decking to add zoning to the garden and to reduce the amount of lawn maintenance required. You can get high-quality gravel as well as natural stones from a gravel supplier to add to your landscaping project.

Weatherproof furniture

There is now plenty of garden furniture that can stay outside all year long. Pieces made with weave, teak, or metal are extremely low maintenance and can typically be left out all year. You might experience a little rusting to metal furniture, but with a little waterproof treatment, you’re good to go.

To add colour and comfort, invest in outdoor cushions or an outdoor rug – this will also add that extra level of cosiness you need sometimes. Consult with a tree service company who are experts in tree pruning and tree trimming on how to maintain your trees and garden.

Plant wildflowers

You can still have a beautiful garden of flowers and wildlife with the proper Lawn care without having to deal with all the upkeep. Around the borders of your garden, plant wildflower seeds and let Mother Nature take its toll. You might need to prune the plants after the flowering season, but other than that, the plants can be left to grow.

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Use self-watering plant pots

Nothing says ‘low maintenance’ like plants that can water themselves. Self-watering pots use a central reservoir to water the plants as and when is needed. These pots are great for anyone who has a special ability to overwater and kill houseplants, too.

Solar panel lighting

Fairy lights on the patio or small posts down the garden path can all add a great atmosphere to your outdoor space. Solar-powered garden lights are incredibly popular and come in a huge range of designs, styles, and sizes. Plus, they don’t require you to remember to turn them off at the end of the night.

Choose a low maintenance lawn

There are particular types of lawn that require much less maintenance than the standard options. Look out for ‘multipurpose,’ ‘amenity,’ or ‘hard wearing’ options to reduce the amount of time that you’ll need to spend aerating, weeding, and feeding your grass, to find more tips online, see here the Daily Landscaping News US news.

You don’t have to spend all your time gardening to have a beautiful outdoor space. There are plenty of ways you can landscape your garden to create a low maintenance area for you to enjoy with a cup of tea or a cocktail after a long day.