5 Ways To Cure Sleep Disorder Without Medicines


Insomnia is considered as a condition in which a body is not able to sleep. Do you feel that you are not able to sleep properly? Does your body feel tired and sleepy, but the moment you hit your bed, all you can do is stare at the walls? Then this is the condition of sleep disorder.

According to a Sleep Therapy Center, sleep disorders must not be taken lightly and should be cured as soon as possible, in case of it happening to a baby, you might want to check this cry it out sleep method. Lack of sleep can land you in a number of problems and can make you sick to a great extent. Swollen eyes, irritable behavior, and a lethargic body, are some signs that a sleep-deprived person can go through.

Sleep disorders can be cured with heavy medications? No, this is absolutely wrong as sleep disorders can be cured without taking medicines also. All you need is the dedication of getting cured, and you can come out of this problem easily.

Dealing With The Issues of Sleep Disorder Without Any Medicines

Insomnia, inability to sleep or to sleep well at night, maybe caused by exhaustion, jet lag, a health condition, the drugs you take, or even the amount of coffee you drink. Many sleep disorders or mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, may also cause sleep disorders.

Whatever the cause of your sleep problem is, improving your sleep hygiene, changing your daily habits, and learning how to relax can help cure most cases of insomnia without having to rely on sleeping doctors or turning to prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Effects Of Insomnia

Have you ever heard boasting that he or she wants only six hours of sleep? While trying to put a positive spin on a stressful situation is admirable, taking a heroic attitude towards sleeplessness can be bad for your health. Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep. Lacking enough sleep can:

· Trigger tiredness, irritability, and excessive sleepiness during the day

· Trigger weight gain and make weight loss difficult

· Weakens the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to illness

· Causes high blood pressure and can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiac disease

Tips To Treat Sleep Disorder Naturally

Now that you are well aware of what is insomnia and the effects of the same, let us get to know the ways in which you can treat sleep disorders naturally:

Follow A Sleep Routine

Make sure that you follow a strict routine for sleeping. Always keep in mind that you go to sleep at a fixed time and leave all the work behind. Your sleep time must be only about sleeping, and you should not indulge in any other activity at that time. Switch off your mobile phone and keep it away. Close your eyes and try to sleep.

Yoga And Meditation


One of the best ways in which you can cure Sleep disorders is by practicing yoga. Meditation is a healthy practice that helps you feel positive and relaxed. It makes you body enjoy a calm mind and gives a quick sneak to the stress. Sleep disorder is directly connected to stress, and hence you must practice yoga to enjoy a stress-free life.

Make A Diary

It is always considered a healthy practice to write down your entire routine of what you did in your diary. By doing this, you get to speak out your heart out and relax yourself. Make a diary, and before going to sleep, you must write everything in it so that you can sleep with a calm and free mind.

Eat Healthy Food


Eating right food is also considered as a good habit to treat insomnia without medications. The food you eat must be heavy, and you must eat stomach full. The dinner you eat must have everything in good quantity to trigger your sleep.

Increase your dietary vegetables and fish, thereby minimizing sugar intake

•Take a supplement that might help curb your appetite

• Consume Kratom Extract to reduce stress and anxiety

• Create and adhere to a daily sleep schedule

• Before bedtime, Drink less water

• Limiting the intake of caffeine, especially in late afternoons or evenings

• Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco consumption

• Eat lighter, low-carbohydrate foods before bed

Avoid Alcohol

Keep in mind that you must stay away from consumption of alcohol. Coffee, tea, and alcohol must be avoided during the evening so that you can get to sleep like a baby. If you’re unfortunately battling with alcohol addiction, however, worry not because there are addiction counseling centers, like the Oakvine Recovery, that can definitely help you.

Do Not Get Up In The Middle Of The Night

Even if you feel that your sleep has broken in the middle of the night, you must not get up from the bed. Try going back to sleep and stay in the bed itself. Let your body relax and keep your mobile phone away.

When To Contact A Doctor?

Now that you know a number of ways in which you can get your sleep disorders treated without the need of medications, you must be able to sleep properly. If still, you face issues, then it is time that you consult an ENT specialist for those comprehensive treatment plans like a sleep apnea treatment.

If you’ve tried multiple unsuccessful self-help therapies, schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist or ask your family doctor for a visit to a sleep clinic, particularly if:

• Daytime sleep is your biggest concern, and self-help hasn’t changed your symptoms.

• You or your bedside friend gasps, chokes, or ceases breathing throughout the night.

• You often fall asleep at inappropriate moments, like chatting, driving, or eating.

• Provide your doctor with as much valuable knowledge as possible as is the content from your everyday life.


You just have to have patience and relax. A calm mind will prove to be the best medication for any problem. Only relax and follow the tips mentioned above and for a fresh start, you’ll triumph over the sleep disorder issue and grow up like a warrior.

Most of us suffer from sleep disorders as we are leading a hectic life. Typically it’s because of work travel, sickness, or other occasional issues related to your daily schedule. If you often encounter sleep disturbances and mess with your daily life, then it is best to speak with your doctor about it.

Even if you’ve been struggling with sleep issues for too long as it seems normal, you can still learn to sleep better. You can start by tracking your sleeping symptoms and patterns and then making healthier changes to your daily habits and bedtime routine.

If self-help doesn’t do the trick, you should turn to medical professionals.