Melbourne Mate – 6 Reasons Why Melbourne is One of the World’s Most Livable Cities

World's Most Livable Cities

Whenever a list of the world’s most livable cities is constructed, Melbourne is never far from the top. What is it about Australia’s second most populous city that makes it such a great place to live? The following six factors play a large role: 

1. It’s easy to be healthy

From the infrastructure to the attitudes of business owners and residents, Melbourne is a great place to live if health and fitness are important to you. The most recently constructed serviced offices in Melbourne, for example, are packed full of health-focused extras. With basketball courts, wellness centres, gyms, ebike fleets, healthy canteens, and other brilliant extras, these buildings naturally encourage a work ethic that values health as much as the grind. 

2. There’s always something new to discover

Melbourne’s laneways are nothing short of magical. Each time you visit, it feels like the twists and turns are different and the artwork fresh. No two strolls around the city are ever exactly alike as there’s always either a well-worn nook you never noticed before or a brand new treat to discover. Always have data connection whenever you’re out with the 100gb sim for Australia.

Even when you venture out from the city centre, the theme of endless discovery remains the same. Travel conveniently with a car rental you can get from a car hire Brisbane. There’s the adorable penguin colony at the St Kilda Breakwater, the cute little placid beaches around Port Phillip Bay, and if you’re willing to travel a little further, you have the Great Ocean Road waiting for you to the west and the Yarra Ranges to the east. 

3. Melbourne is home to world class coffee

Many people assume you’ll find the world’s best coffee in Europe, but ask any well-travelled coffee lover and they’ll tell you Melbourne is the cafe capital of planet Earth. Australia’s coffee culture is a thing of beauty, and though your barista may look like he lives for Instagram, you can guarantee that he has perfected every detail of the science of preparing coffee. Some of Melbourne’s best baristas even adjust the grind when they sense a slight temperature change in the cafe. They do all this to ensure they can deliver the perfect cup every time.  

4. Melbourne wants you to express yourself

If there was ever a city in which to let your personality shine, Melbourne is it. You’ll find fashion to suit every taste and sub-culture, tattoo studios covering every style of ink, from traditional to new school, stick and poke to cosmetic tattooing

5. This is the place to realise your dreams

A big part of self-expression involves transforming your desires and aspirations into skills and abilities. If you want to learn literally anything, there’s a teacher in Melbourne who’s ready to help you unleash your inner talent. You can take banjo lessons, learn how to fire spin, pick up any language under the sun, and even catch up on all the maths lessons you slept through at school with one of the best tutors in Melbourne

6. You don’t have to leave the city for a dose of nature

Many of the world’s biggest cities are dangerously polluted, but Melbourne’s air quality is surprisingly clean. If you want to sprawl out on the grass, surrounded by trees, you can find plenty of spots to do this in the heart of the city. 

The Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens offer an oasis in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD.  Nearby, you’ll find Birrarung Marr on the banks of the Yarra and on the opposite side of the river, the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens.

There’s so much more to love about Melbourne, but even considering these six factors alone, it’s easy to see why it’s such a livable city.  And if you would like to live and and work in Australia permanently, you can apply for a skilled immigration australia visa here or get help from family immigration lawyers.