Ottoman vs. Coffee Table: A Complete Guide with Pros and Cons

Ottoman vs Coffee Table

Deciding between an ottoman and a coffee table is hard. They both have many beautiful features. To make a decision, think about what’s vital in your life.

If your favorite portion of the day is setting your feet up and watching TV, an ottoman might bring your relaxation and enjoyment to the next level. A Coffee Table or a unique Accent Table will do a better job of preventing spills.

Ottoman vs. Coffee Table


An ottoman is a low, backless, upholstered piece of furniture that can be sat upon or used as a footstool. They tend to be square or rectangular, though circular or oval styles are also available. Poufs are also welcomed as they also have very comfortable seating.

While using an ottoman in place of a coffee table has taken off in recent years, this furniture style has roots in the Ottoman Empire. Turks in the 1700s were observed to utilize low upholstered chairs as footstools, and the idea spread throughout the world from there. It comes in different forms like velvet couchpouf and ottoman, leather ottoman, cognac leather, etc.

Choosing an Ottoman

Ottoman Pros

  • Versatile furniture piece: An ottoman is a multi-purpose element of living room furniture and can be used as an extra place to sit, footstool, or as a coffee table.
  • Comfortable: Ottomans is a combination of comfort and elegance. This versatile piece of furniture has a prominent place in any home.
  • Potential extra storage: Some models can be opened like a box, with storage for extra blankets and pillows hidden inside.
  • Comfort: You can boot your feet up while unwinding on your sectional sofa or couch on a more relaxed surface than a coffee table.

Ottoman Cons

  • Cleaning: Ottomans are always upholstered. Like any upholstered furniture, keeping it clean is a significant concern. Pretreating the ottoman with a shielding spray or spill coating can provide you peace of mind against staining. When your ottoman begins to show wear and tear, you will have to substitute it or pay for reupholstering, which is an extra expense.
  • Bulky: Ottomans tend to be clunky and dense and can be challenging to shuffle without help, defining their versatility.
  • Can take up Built-up Area: An ottoman blocks the floor underneath and the couch behind it, making the room feel crowded.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a short, low table in the center of a seating zone. Circle Coffee Table usually fit the height of the couch or sofa seat. While people can eat around coffee tables, they are a bit embarrassing for this purpose due to their low profile.

The primary purpose of the coffee table is storage. The coffee table is a zone to stash your remote controls, books, magazines, or anything else that is useful to have within arm’s reach of the couch.

It can also hold snacks and drinks while socializing or watching a movie in the living room. Apart from the table’s surface, few have smaller shelves underneath or drawers to keep things out of sight.

Coffee Table Pros

  • Assortment of styles: Coffee tables are available in various styles and sizes and can be used in casual or formal settings.
  • Stable countertop surface: The most apparent advantage is right there in the name — it provides a durable surface for drinks like your morning coffee cup.
  • Easy to clean: They are easy to wipe up without long-term damage to the table. 
  • Durable: Coffee tables are built from durable glass, wood, metal, and marble materials and last upto 15-20 years.
  • Make a living room appear larger: An oval coffee table is an excellent solution for a small space, with rounded corners allowing additional room to navigate.
  • Enhances the interior design – Living room seating tends to be squashy and has soft, rounded edges. A coffee table with sharp lines counts visual interest. 

Coffee Table Cons

  • Banging into it: If you keep a coffee table, eventually, you’ll bang into it. Because hard materials like glass are traditionally used to construct coffee tables, it hurts when you tumble over it!
  • Adequate room needed: You must have adequate room to get around the coffee table without tripping. Your coffee table should include a minimum of 16 inches of clearance on every side.
  • Not safe for young children: Coffee table corner covers are a popular baby-proofing product. Curious but wobbly toddlers might smash their heads on the coffee table as they take a tumble.


Love to jazz up with friends for drinks, they must put their glasses somewhere! You need a coffee table. When you wish to lay your foot comfortably while watching your favorite movie, you will need an Ottoman.