Creating A Modern Shaker Kitchen Space

Modern Shaker Kitchen Space

If there is one main misconception about shaker kitchens is that they are only for older properties. Whilst, of course, they date back to the 18th century, there is one thing for sure, they’re timeless.

A shaker kitchen is a traditional style that can easily be modernised. Such a design actually lends itself to modern kitchen design, and the clean lines and minimalism are very on-trend.

Below, we have listed some of our top tips for creating a modern shaker kitchen space, so that you too can enjoy a traditional design, with a modern touch, especially if you are planning a kitchen remodel project.

Kitchen Islands

A popular feature in many kitchen remodeling project for its interesting design and options, including shakers, kitchen islands come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

They can act as a functional twist, offering additional workspace, more storage and even somewhere to work remotely, or socialise with friends.

You can also use kitchen islands to further house appliances, adding to your sleek, modern-looking space.

Upgraded Door Handles

Typically, shaker-style cabinetry has knobs or cup handles. Traditionally, these are made of wood. Craftsmen historically avoided metal as it was viewed as too ornamental.

Yet now there are many various metal handles on the market to help you bring your shaker kitchen into the modern day, without straying too far from the traditional design.

Cup handles are a traditional choice, yet you may prefer bar pulls that perfectly match the straight lines of the shaker style. Perhaps, instead, you’d prefer a round or oval knob made from chrome, stainless steel or another metallic finish. These are a great way to blend tradition and modernity. 

Integrated, Built-in Appliances

As mentioned above, most modern kitchen spaces now include integrated appliances, and there is no reason as to why you have to miss out on this when you choose a shaker kitchen. The latest trend in Northampton is to install fitted kitchens in homes for a modern and functional look. Everything from your fridge freezer, to your oven and washing machine, can be built into your shaker kitchen to create a tidy finish, you can visit this site for more details. But if you’re looking for a wide range of fridge freezers that have all the same great features as separate models and allow you to save loads of floor space in your kitchen, then look no further than this Euronics fridge freezer here!

Bright and Bold Colours

Typically, shaker kitchens are finished in shades of blue, green, red and yellow, and neutral colours such as grey and cream are also popular choices. Yet, there is nothing stopping you from painting your kitchen is a bold colour to add a touch of your personality and bring your space into the modern-day. A lick of paint will draw attention to the expertly crafted cabinetry, adding further depth and character.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not create your very own modern shaker kitchen, ready for the socialising and family time that summer holds. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your kitchen remodeling project, have some fun and upgrade your space!