Author: Hazel

Smart Storage Ideas

Hideaway storage can be fun to use and they play an important part in keeping your home clean and organized, especially if you have a

Window Boxes Ideas

Planning to give a charming multitude to the exterior of the house, try beautiful garden in miniature – window boxes. It is a perfect idea

Winter Season – Decorating Ideas

Winters are dreary but your home decor can make it cheery and bring some warmth back into your house. A simple and smooth transition from

Organizing – Bathrooms

Bathrooms can easily attract clutter and you might have to bear the trouble of moving things in and out on daily basis. By creating “active”

Open Plan Living Ideas

Open- plan living has a huge buzz nowadays; it’s a beautiful way to add value to your home and improve your living space. You can

Floor Ideas- Semi-Hard Floor

Floor is the setting for your furniture and possessions, since it form a large part of the surface area of any room, its color and

Home Interiors – Staircases

Stairs are one of the most dramatic elements of your house. The change of level created by stairs is a place for conversations and activity.

Home Interiors – Halls & Hallways

Entrances, halls and staircases are often seen as the leftover areas of the house. Although each of these areas requires a different design approach, there