Author: Hazel

Spring Crafts for Kids

Crafty young minds will enjoy celebrating the spring arrival with these spring craft projects. Kids are creative and have unexpected thinking which can be put

Seating Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings Set a magical tone to your outdoor wedding with ceremony seating decor. Outdoor weddings can offer detailed perfection with right seating arrangement. You

Spring Decoration- Mantle

Refresh the looks of your room, decorate the mantle and welcome spring in colorful and trendy way. Everything is beginning to come to life, sunlight

Cool Attic Home Office Ideas

Looking for a quiet and inexpensive place to make a office? Your unused attic is the smart answer! Well, its not usually that big but

Outdoor Swing Ideas- DIY

It is time for you to start preparing a welcoming yard for kids to play and what better you can offer the little one’s than

Home Decor Trends -2013

2013 will be the year with mix of modern, traditional and organic trends in home decoration, it is not easy to change the look and

DIY Bird Feeders

Attract birds to your yard with these fun bird feeders, you can buy a fancy bird house from a custom carpenter or build a bird