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Decorate with Nature – Nautical Theme

Collecting and decorating with natural elements is an interesting project. Nautical theme decorating is not so easy as it requires time and patience, but the

Summer Wedding Color Schemes – 2013

One of the biggest confusion during wedding decoration, dresses, place setting is what color scheme to follow. Spring/ Summer weddings offer a flexibility to play

Designer Accessories- Pop Art!

Bright colored, expressive and creative accessories, Pop Art has been rage among youngsters  since 1950’s  and with time this art form moved from paintings to

Summer Wedding Trends – 2013

Summer is a popular time for weddings and it is time to move up from the traditional styles and themes.  There are mixed ideas about

Pop Art – Classic Style of 50’s

One of the style movements which till date inspire is Pop Art. Brightly colored, full of expressions and creative, this art still sports in homes