The evolution of the television

As of today, there are probably a billion of television sets found all over the world. But a century ago, televisions have not even existed. Even up to 53 years ago, only a handful of americans were able to own a television at home. How does something that, at that time, was something out of…

medical cannabis

3 children whose lives have been transformed by medical cannabis

Somewhat surprisingly, some of the biggest beneficiaries of cannabis reform have been children suffering from epilepsy. After years of being insufficiently treated with ineffective drugs riddled with side effects, many who once had treatment-resistant conditions can now be aided by medical cannabis oils containing high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), and relatively low concentrations of psychoactive…

Beetle Chair

Beetle Chair – A Product Review

[vc_row disable_element=”yes”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Contemporary furniture is always a mix of experimental and experiential, but rarely does it have enough room for quirky eclecticness. However, the Beetle chair is a great denouement of all these qualities. It’s sleek, elegant, sophisticated, and you get to have fun with it thanks to its multi-hued upholsteries.