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Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas

Scandinavian designs are simple and neat!  Scandinavian living rooms are the focus area in any apartment.  White floods the apartment, floor and interiors are massive wood and

Summer Decorating Ideas

There is nothing prettier than fresh and spacious feel of summers. Add a splash of light colors, freshen up the fabrics and include floral theme

Decor Trends – Chevron Pattern

Stripes are the hot trend of 2014 but if you are planning for little twist in the style try decorating with Chevron. Chevron has been

Decorating Styles – Classic Glam

Luxurious and a feeling of sumptuous glamour, the decorating styles of silver screen starlets is back. Classic glam is back in a big way. Elegance

Unusual Upholstery Fabric

Upholstered goods are usually an expensive purchase, but they definitely blend into any style. If you are planning to try unusual upholstery fabric all you

Color Trends 2014

While I list all the hot colors trends of 2014 here, I want you add on your imagination to make the home decor a fun

Neon Decoration Ideas

We all have read about latest trends in home decor, but when it comes to applying them we usually get confused or become lazy or

Weekend Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for an instant change in the rooms, changing a complete room takes a lot of time and these quick decorating tips will