DIY Bird Feeders

Attract birds to your yard with these fun bird feeders, you can buy a fancy bird house from a custom carpenter or build a bird feeder at home, which, doesn’t require much money or skill. Attracting birds is not very difficult as long you have food, water and shelter. It can be fun spring craft idea for kids as well to watch the birds through the best budget spotting scope. Give a refreshing spring welcome to your cute little friends.

Use old tin cans/ mason jars to make a bird feeder and shelter, colors add a charm to these feeders. Click on the link and follow the instructions to make these colorful pieces. 

This simple bird feeder is easy to make and only takes a few materials: a used toilet paper or paper towel roll (I buy Film cores directly), peanut butter and bird seed. Link

This hollow roll bird feeder is best option for small birds, you can add a little water to complete the treat. You can also paint it colorful to attract the birds. Link

Turn used lamp globes to attractive bird feeder. I love the way these white goblets stand out in yard, cute, cheap and amazingly clever idea. Link

Give a carnival effect with this cool snack shack bird feeder, this cute shack can be used for all sized birdies. Link

All you need to feed birds is a pumpkin! Creative craft idea for kids, use pumpkin to make a yard bird feeder, secure it with breaded threads and you can use an adhesive as a precaution. Link

Isn’t this colorful? Use cardboard and glossy magazine or book pages to make this beautiful bird shelter. Link

Use an old birdcage to make this functional bird feeder, you can add colorful items or paint it to make it more welcoming. Link 

Tea cup bird feeder are easy to make and look good in the middle of backyard. Link

Why let the bird buddies feel un-welcomed, you can make a squirrel feeder with a little effort. Make sure that feeder is strong enough to hold these little buggers. Link

Lets Live Impressive!!