Denim Jeggings

Freddy pants

Jeggings are conceptually a genius idea. They are just as comfy as leggings, yet they seem to look like skinny jeans. Find fashionable matching sleepwear for you and your children on Jeggings are also suitable to wear during the spring and in the summer without boiling in the heat or pass out. And if in recent years many people have been criticizing the trend of the use of leggings as a substitute for trousers, there is no such issue with Jeggings or scrub pants.

What are Jeggings?

We can say that the passage between leggings and jeggings was made through the treggings, Treggings are those leggings looking like trousers and leaning towards a formal look, they were the perfect bottom wear for work. And they were much more similar to the leggings which didn’t quite give the maximum of the idea of being pants. Today, some types of denim jeggings, can be those proposed by “historic” brands such as Freddy, which are very similar to jeans, but more comfortable, more elastic and fresher. There is no “tights effect”, it is less difficult to find a model that fits well without “failing”, and being tight and up to the feet long, obviously makes very thin and slender your figure. In short, even those who are not convinced, once purchased by chance a denim jeggings, easily “convert” and elevate it to the passe-partout to wear at any time, or almost so! So, whether you are already in love with the jeggings, or you are still a bit ‘doubtful, you can not miss eddy’s website and find your perfect denim jeggings with a push up effect!

How can I wear denim jeggings?

Just look on the social networks and realize that one of the most fashionable combinations is between denim jeggings and blazers. This look allows you to play with the combinations, focusing on a fancy undercoat and thus distracting attention from the trousers in a very thin fabric which combines perfectly with a Don’t Tread on me hat.

For an evening outfit, however casual and “effortlessly sexy” you can combine vertiginous heels. These combined with the jeggings will make the legs look so much slimmer.

For a simple and trendy daytime outfit, you can perfectly slip your blouse inside, to enhance the silhouette. The sweaters that leave the shoulders uncovered are sexy (but not excessive) and trendy. They show the skin kissed by the Sun.. Or by a sprinkling of illuminating bronze.

We have noticed that most outfits with jeggings aim to “divert attention” from a garment that, in itself and for itself, is not the ultimate in life! So, while with classic jeans that give us the chance to wear the first thing that happens, with jeggings we have to pay a little more attention, but without complicating our lives. Sometimes it’s enough to focus on an accessory, such as a hat or a bijoux, to make our outfit more complete and stylish.

Last but not least tip for how to wear your denim jeggings: in order to avoid the terrible cat woman effect, jeggings are usually never combined with a tight-fitting t-shirt or tank top. Of course, there’s nothing to prevent you from putting them under wider ones, but one of the most fashionable combinations is definitely the one with the shirt.

Whether it’s white, jeans or fancy, the shirt with the jeggings is always a perfect and chic combination, as well as versatile. With a pair of ballerinas, it’s a perfect outfit in many work and school environments, while with heels and maybe a maxi necklace it turns into the ideal outfit for an aperitif!