Interior design trends in 2021

interior design 2021

The sudden outburst of the pandemic has locked us in our homes. The longer we work from home, the more frustrated and bored we are by our interiors. More and more people decide to contact an interior designer services company to help them renovate their houses and flats. If you are one of them, santa barbara interior design can give you a hand. Here are some great interior design tips to completely transform your home without turning your place upside down.

1. Nostalgic wallpapers

Perhaps the quickest and the boldest move you can do yourself to completely change the style of your room. Choose self-adhesive wallpapers or paperweave wallcoverings in your favourite pattern with a bold dark colour or vivid colours palette. The coolest colours this spring are: indigo blue, green and yellow.

2. Living plants everywhere

There is nothing nicer than growing your indoor garden. Living plants not only make your interior cosier, but they also, literally, purify the air. Choose a dwarf date palm, rubber plants or a ficus. 

3. Bold colours in the kitchen

Boring grey kitchens are coming to the past. The new trend is a bold color, to get some ideas, check the Elite Finishing interior painting website. Bathrooms and kitchens renovation are the tough ones. Surely there are works that we can do ourselves to improve their look, such as wall painting, tiles painting or changing the cupboards’ front doors. However, sometimes half-measures are not enough and the complete renovation is inevitable. In this case, if we want the bathroom or kitchen to be a functional and well-thought interior, it needs to be correctly measured, designed and done by a professional. 

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4. Rattan furniture and decor

Surrounding yourself with natural materials is a trend of 2021. Choose furniture and home decorations made of rattan or wicker. This year invest in blankets made of wool, linen or cotton.

As you see there are plenty of steps, we can take to quickly refresh our interiors. Which tip did you like the most?

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