4 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Roof Replaced

The roofing is one of the key structures of your property. It ensures that you remained shelter and keeps you protected from external harms. However, the roof itself can get exposed to various factors that can damage it, or like any other object it can age and will require replacement. However when you need to repair or replace a roof or upgrade your house with new siding or gutters, navigate here for great help!

Roof replacement is mentally taxing and financially exhausting therefore it is something that people either tend to avoid or get it done in haste or at cheaper price. However before you decide to have roof replacement make sure you click here for roofing professional to inspect the roof first so you’ll know what exactly the issues that should be repaired and replaced.

That said, short project completion times and low prices does not always mean quality output unless you want to find yourself trying to get your roofing replaced within a few months. It is best to make a onetime effort and investment and get something which will last you a god number of years. If you are planning to get your roofing replaced in Dearborn or thinking of an asphalt shingle roof installation, here are 10 questions you need to ask yourself before you get on with your project.


Timing – When Should I Start My Project?

Roof replacement projects are loud, noisy and at times messy and can cause a lot of disturbance for you and your family. The work on roof replacement starts early in the morning and tends to continue till later in the evening. The whole project can take a minimum of two days and the maximum time can go up to a week depending upon the magnitude of work required. Therefore, it is advised that be mentally prepared and decide when and at what time of the week would you want the work to get done. Most people prefer getting it done on weekdays since kids are away at school so it is easier to manage.

Is the Roof Replacement Really Required?

Many times it is not required to get the whole roof replaced and adding an extra layer of asphalt and shingles can do the job. This will save you a lot of time, trouble and costs. However, this might not work in a place like Dearborn which receives a lot of rain throughout the year. Getting extra layers of shingles installed on existing one without replacing the whole roof will not allow you the chance to install ice and water shield which are a must in climates like Dearborn.

What Material Should I Use?

There are dozens of different kinds of roofing materials available in the market as of today that might confuse. Each of the materials have different costs and characteristics and customers often end up choosing the wrong kind of materials just because they get tempted by the prices. Know that not every material will suit your needs and climate conditions so it is important that you research well and choose the material that is best fit for you requirements. Watch this video to learn more about suitable roofing materials for Dearborn. 

Does My Contractor Have All the Necessary Documentation?

When hiring roofing contractors, it is vital that you check on their documentations. There are three main documents that you need to check upon. Firstly, make sure that your contractor is a certified professional and is licensed to work as a contractor. This will ensure that your property is in the right hands and your contractor knows his job well. Secondly, check if your roofing contractor Dearborn MI  is insured against any accidents that happen on your property during the project.

This will relieve you against any financial burden as a result of an accident that might happen at your property during the course of the project and will compensate you against any financial loss. Thirdly, ensure that your contractor is providing you with separate manufacturers warranties and workmanship warranty. This is because manufacturer’s warranty will only cover post project problems that occur due to defects in the material. Workmanship warranty will cover any post project issues that arise due to a fault on part of the worker while working on the project.