5 things to keep in mind before booking your wedding banquet hall in Kandivali

wedding banquet hall

After the celebration of key holidays, booking a beautiful wedding banquet hall is a must for every family. It is the most joyous celebration in India, attended by all of one’s relatives including first and second cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. In the West, marriage is viewed as a solemn, even permanent, commitment between a man and a woman; in India, however, it is more of a joyous occasion, marked by elaborate ceremonies and attended by numerous friends and relatives.

You’re overjoyed to be getting married, but you’re worried about scheduling and other details. While sending out invitations is a breeze, keeping track of everyone at your wedding may be a real pain. You may have a great, stress-free wedding with the help of wedding banquet halls in Kandivali, who will handle and arrange all the necessary stages, rituals, food and beverages, music and entertainment. Yet there are numerous wedding-related details that must be ironed out before reserving the banquet space.

Decide on the theme of your wedding

There has been a recent shift in wedding customs toward giving the bride and husband more freedom to personalise their big day. If you fall into this category, you’ll need to get approval from the banquet hall’s manager or owner before making any plans, so that they can decorate and provide entertainment in keeping with the wedding’s theme. The search for banquet halls in Kandivali can be done online, from the convenience of your own home. You can also check out the list of top banquet halls in kandivali online right at the comfort of your house! 

Once you’ve settled on a wedding theme, planning the event will be a breeze. The wedding’s lighting and floral arrangements can be coordinated with the theme. You can have a “traditional,” “fusion,” “rustic,” or “royal” wedding. Look for banquet facilities that offer a wide range of themes, so that you have some leeway in planning the event.

  • Idols, flowers, and a mysterious setting make up the traditional wedding’s motif. The shehnai, an instrumental instrument, played with a flute adds a divine touch.
  • Theme for a Royal Wedding: 

Colors are quite significant, with a particular emphasis on various shades of red.

  • Theme of blossoms: 

The “Flower Theme” is another fantastic option for the ideal wedding’s theme. Flowers grace the foyer. Inhaling a flower’s fragrant air can fill one with joy and peace. Decorated with mirrors and voluminous draperies, the atmosphere takes on a religious undertone. The emphasis here is on a charming and uncomplicated aesthetic.

  • Verify your contingency plans:

Having a backup plan in place can improve the quality of an event despite unforeseen circumstances. Large crowds are one of the most common sources of chaos during weddings. Expert wedding planners can handle any problem, no matter how large or minor. There is space for emergency systems in the plans. There is never any difficulty in arranging for more food, more parking, or more rooms.

  • Optional tailoring services are also on offer. It’s not uncommon for couples to want a more unique ceremony. The group specialises in creating wedding themes for folks with refined palates.

Rhythm of the Ceremony

The wedding itself, as well as any pre-wedding rituals, must be scheduled with precision. You can make a reservation and specify a time and date that suits your needs.

Evaluate the location

The wedding venue’s location is a major consideration. The venue needs to be large enough to host gatherings of different sizes. For a wedding in the area, it’s best to hold the festivities somewhere that everyone can get to without any trouble. There needs to be plenty of parking at the venue. In most cases, while hiring a venue, no research is done on the places first. Before committing to a venue for an event, it is important to check it out in person.

Double check the Guestlist

The number of guests you want to invite will determine the size of the venue, the menu, and other details to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time celebrating your big day with you.

Food and Beverages

A wedding’s food area is always the busiest part of the reception venue. The variety of foods served is really appreciated. Every part of the meal, from appetisers to desserts, must be top-notch, and it must be provided in such a way that no invited guest or member of the host family has to wait more than a few minutes for their meals.

Check for backup plans:

Backup plans make an event better even under irregularities. The biggest problems which arise during a wedding event is the unexpected rise in the number of guests. Wedding specialists counter all big or small challenges. Arrangements include room for backup facilities. Arranging extra food, extra parking space or even additional rooms is never a challenge.

Customization services are also available. Sometimes couples want a personal touch in their wedding. The team designs wedding themes for those who have exquisite tastes.

Make a Budget Estimate

Before deciding on a banquet hall, it’s important to have a firm grasp on your financial limitations. Only a select few banquet halls can transform from an open space into a fully enclosed hall, depending on your needs. Kandivali banquet halls for weddings will provide a range of plans to suit your needs and finances.