Seven tips for freshening up your home

freshening home

To truly feel happy and content in your property, you need to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to improve your living environment. Instead of making do with a space of chaos and clutter, you need to set your sights much higher. Why not sit down at the end of every week to evaluate your home? Then, you can write a list of everything that you can do to make it better. It may be an ongoing project, but putting the effort in is a vital part of creating a home that you can take pride in and show off. If you are wondering where to start, below are seven tips that will help you to feel inspired.

freshening home

Invest in your exterior

Firstly, you should evaluate the exterior of your property as this is the first thing that will greet you when you come home and is a brilliant way for you to freshen up your home. You could start small by setting up hanging baskets, repainting your front door, putting up a house sign, and treating yourself to a personalized mailbox. Then, you could progress to larger jobs such as replacing your roof tiles and laying a new DIY driveway.

In addition to this, you should consider installing replacement windows. Of course, you will have to place your trust in the professionals for this job. Luckily, you can find the Best Replacement Windows VA Beach at the click of a button.

Purchase plenty of plants

One of the best ways for you to improve the air quality inside your home is by purchasing plenty of plants. Plants are also a great way for you to freshen up your space while adding a touch of color to the rooms in your property. Ideally, you should have at least one plant in each room, and this could be anything from a small shrub to a large tree. You could even experiment with indoor hanging baskets or create your own terrarium. If you decide to embrace this option, just make sure that you feed and water your plants on a regular basis. Dead or withered plants are unlikely to brighten up your space. However, green and luscious foliage is sure to leave you with a smile on your face. If you are tight on time, you could always set up a rota for everyone in your household to follow or secure the services of a profession plant minder.

Give your home a new lick of paint

Another idea is to freshen up your home with a new lick of paint. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to brighten up your living space, without dramatically changing your décor. Although it is possible to paint a decent sized room within an afternoon, you could always call in a professional. Hiring a professional will improve your chances of getting clean lines and paint free skirting boards. In addition to this, you should experiment with light-reflective paints that complement the aesthetic of your property. You might be surprised by just how much difference this decision can make. You’ll be living in the same space, but enjoying tons of extra light and warmth.

Splash out on soft furnishings

When it comes to evaluating your aesthetic decisions, you should also think about splashing out on soft furnishings, as it is a quick and easy way for you to brighten up your interior while adding a personal touch to your home. Perhaps you could update the towels in your bathroom. You could also purchase a loafer, a hand mitt, and a soft bathrobe to enjoy. Then, you could invest in scatter cushions and throws for your bedrooms and sofas.

Find stunning scents

When you are making purchases for your property, you should be on the lookout for interesting and appealing scents to introduce into your home. Scent is another fantastic way for you to improve your living space and to make all of your guests feel welcome. Just remember to opt for subtle scents that suit the different areas of your home. For instance, if you are looking for a candle for your bedroom, you should choose a scent like soft linen. Or, if you are selecting a candle for your bathroom, you should select a scent like a sea breeze. Don’t just stick to candles; you should also experiment with diffusers, room sprays, scented plugs, and bowls of potpourri.

Carry out a deep clean

The next step is to carry out a deep clean on your property. Doing this is a fantastic opportunity for you to feel more positive about your living space. Instead of cringing over the piles of clothes that you have to put away, the dishes that you need to clean, and the dust bunnies that are yet to be removed, it is important that you are able to relax in the comfort of your own home. Why not create a list of all of the chores that you need to complete? Instead of dealing with these tasks at random, you should write them in order of priority and work through your responsibilities one at a time. You could even take your tasks room by room and overhaul one space each evening. If you are struggling for inspiration, why not take before and after pictures of your property? You could even set up a camera in the corner of the room and speed up the footage. It will create an incredible documentation of your property transformation. Another idea is to organize a party at the end of the month. What better incentive for you to get to work changing your property for the better? You may also want to improve your indoor air quality. You can start with a professional air testing in your home, that way you can figure out what the problem is, for example sometimes the problem is the air conditioning that keeps cycling air full of dust and this can normally be fixed by Emergency HVAC Repairs specialist or experts that provide HVAC repair in Yukon, OK.

Reevaluate the layout of your home

During the process of cleaning your property, you should reevaluate the layout of your home. Perhaps it is possible for you to change the purpose of some of your rooms. Maybe your study space could become an extra bedroom, your pantry could be turned into a downstairs toilet, or your large garden could fit an outdoor work space. Even if you aren’t able to make big changes, you could always embrace the concept of Feng shui and think about the layout of your possessions. Simple changes such as moving pieces of furniture that you always trip over or rotating your bed so that it faces the exit could make a world of difference.