4 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom Look Bigger

In most rooms of the house, making them look bigger can be as simple as removing some furniture and changing the layout. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in a bathroom. If you take anything away from it, it just isn’t going to be functional enough. If you move things around, it could become more cluttered than ever. However, through bathroom remodeling and shower glass partitions, you can make a small bathroom look much bigger than it really is.

Bathroom Look Bigger

Keep To One Color

Having everything be pretty much the same color helps with the look of the room. If you have a dark floor and lights walls, for example, you will be deliberately chopping the room up into pieces in a visual sense, and that won’t do anything to help with its size. If you do want to add some contrast, do it with something that can be removed such as a cabinet or your lighting. In that way, the item that is different to everything else will look like a statement piece and not as though you are cutting the room into bits.

Tile All The Way

To make a room seem truly spacious, it’s a great idea to tile all the way to the ceiling. Leaving a gap between the top of the tiles and the ceiling can have a diminishing effect – plus your tradesman will be happier to keep tiling rather than fiddle around with trying to make the edge look neat and tidy. It also means that the moisture in the room won’t seep into the walls and cause any problems later down the line and for the water system  a plumber in kelowna will give you maintenance and help in emergency.

Clear Glass Helps

When your plumber is installing your shower, why not ask them to use clear glass on the screen and not frosted? Clear glass makes the room open up and allows in more light, whereas textured or frosted glass puts up a barrier in the room which again cuts it into pieces rather than allowing it to be one whole space. Speaking of glass, mirrors are another excellent tip. The bigger the mirror, the better, as you will be reflecting a lot more light into the room and that automatically makes it seem so much larger.  However, it’s good to stay away from one mirror on either side of the sink unit, as this compartmentalizes the room once more.

Use Natural Light

Wherever possible, use natural light in your bathroom. If you have windows, don’t cover them up with shutters or blinds and certainly don’t tile or brick over them. Yes, it may give you an extra layer of privacy, but it won’t help to give you a bigger looking bathroom. If you do want additional privacy, you can use a translucent window covering which allows the light in but not anyone’s gaze.  If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, you can invest in a skylight or solar tube to help you bring that natural light into your space.