5 Features Home Buyers Look for in a House


All buyers have different wants and needs when it comes to buying a house. However, there are a fairly large number of shared features when it comes to home buying in today’s market. If you’re considering getting your house ready to sell, you may want to consider whether your house has these features or making changes before you get ready to sell.


New Fixtures and Appliances

With the high cost of homes today, many homebuyers are spending most of their savings on just the down payment. They don’t want to have to purchase a home and then spend additional money on new appliances. Also, buyers today often aren’t as handy as they used to be and prefer to have the home move-in ready.

If your house needs some updating when it comes to appliances, light fixtures and other basics, it’s well worth the effort to upgrade. New energy efficient appliances will increase the house’s appeal.

Low Maintenance Homes

Although larger houses and properties used to be a huge draw for home buyers, most people don’t want to spend hours of their week taking care of the property. Although the house may have a lawn, try to keep the landscaping design as low-fuss as possible. A nicely styled walkway with low-maintenance plants is a good option. Avoid any design elements that are fussy or require constant attention.

Also, make sure to check the trends in your specific area. South Dakota home prices may fetch different prices depending on the landscaping style you use, so pay special attention to these small factors.

Dedicated Office Space

Many people work from home for either part or all of their job. Anyone who buys a home today will probably be looking for an area that could be turned into a dedicated working space. This may mean an extra room that can be turned into an office, which is fairly easy to accommodate. Additionally, home buyers are going to want to be able to connect to high-speed internet and have a good mobile signal. Check to see if the house has these capabilities as homebuyers will probably ask or check on these areas.

Laundry Room

This is actually one of the more surprising but desired features for homebuyers, regardless of their age. Having a separate room to use for cleaning, folding, and ironing clothes is hugely desirable. A laundry room will instantly make your home more attractive to buyers, but make sure that you build one and still get a return on your investment if you don’t have one already.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating a house with exterior lighting is a great way to grab a buyer’s attention before they even get inside the house. This feature is highly desirable and can include spotlights, pendant, and walkway lights. Not only does this feature add to the aesthetics of the house, it also improves safety and may be especially desirable in a house that doesn’t have street lights.

Although it may not be possible to add all of these upgrades to a home before selling, these are the features that homebuyers look for today. If you are getting ready to put a house on the market, consider making some changes to improve its appeal.