How to Visit Atlanta for Less


Atlanta is a fantastic vacation destination. If it’s already in your travel plans, that means you already know. Perhaps it’s not your first time visiting Georgia. Maybe you live nearby, or have relatives outside the city. Visiting Atlanta is the perfect way to have fun with everyone. Maybe the Coca-Cola museum is on your bucket list, or you’re on a Civil Rights Movement tour. No matter your reasons for choosing Atlanta, it offers a fantastic time for you and your entire family. And, because it’s not as popular and hectic of a tourist destination as Florida, you can save time and money on your trip. For a detailed guide of ways to save, check out the following tips.


Save on Transportation

When traveling anywhere in the U.S., if you’re an American resident, you might have the option of driving. If you and your family can handle several hours in the car, you can consider skipping the airfare and taking a car. Renting a car saves you on wear-and-tear to your personal vehicle which in case you take with you consider taking a Goldfarb Bosch injector pump rebuild in case you are left stranded by the road, and possibly gives you some extra vehicle space for the trip. If you don’t have a line of credit, you may consider having no credit auto rentals. If driving isn’t an option, and you need to fly to Atlanta, then look for ways to save on airline tickets.

Consider searching on an incognito browser, to keep airline websites from increasing their price once they know you’re looking. Once you arrive at the airport, get airport transportation in Atlanta, and let them take you straight to your accommodations.

Save on Accommodations

When you’re staying in Atlanta, there are quite a few ways you can save on accommodations. While transportation may be the most costly part of your trip, accommodations are a close second. Make more room in your budget for more fun or a longer stay by picking less expensive accommodations. We’re not suggesting you stay in a sketchy motel, however! Consider a hotel alternative like Airbnb, VRBO, or a hostel. Each one is typically cheaper than a hotel.

And, if your rental comes with a kitchen, you can save money on meals by not eating out every time. Plus, renting a home or apartment can make your stay feel, well, more homey. Find dog-friendly accommodations to attain The Perfect Luxury Dog-Friendly Holiday.

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Save on Attractions

You didn’t come to Atlanta to travel and sleep. You came to see Atlanta. Once you’ve taken care of the practical stuff, your goal is to see the amazing city you came to visit. From the Georgia Aquarium to the Coca-Cola museum, there are plenty of great attractions for your family to see. While you’ll have to fork over some cash for admission, there are quite a few sites in Atlanta that you can see for free. The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, the Centennial Olympic Park, and the Atlanta Contemporary art museum are all free and open to the public, and they only scratch the surface of some of the free attractions Atlanta offers. You can also just enjoy the beautiful day, sunny weather, and warm air. As you enjoy Atlanta, check out their restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. And, don’t forget to try a Georgia peach!