Seven Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

Home Secure

It’s not a pleasant thought to remember that there are people out there who actively plan to break into people’s homes and take things that don’t belong to them. However, sadly these people do exist, which is why it is so important to make our homes as safe and secure as possible to prevent them from stealing our hard earned and much-loved possessions. Making things as difficult as possible for a would-be burglar means they are far more likely to give up and leave your home alone. Here are some tips to make your home secure which will deter burglars as much as possible.

Home Secure

Take A Look

The first thing you need to do is look at the outside of your home to see if you can spot anywhere that a burglar could try to enter. Look for the weaknesses; this way, if you spot anything, you can have a video surveillance installation for extra security and peace of mind. Try to put yourself into the mind of someone who wants to break into your home and really look at the windows (can they be pried open? Can you see any expensive art, equipment, electronics, or furniture in plain view?), the doors (are there keys left hanging on the inside that can be grabbed?), the gate to the backyard and so on. If you’re not sure, contact your local police department and they will be able to help you with suggestions about what to look out for. They may even be able to come to your home and check things themselves. It’s important that you make the adjustments that need to be done to deter thieves for good. It also pays to invest in home automation installation of security cameras and other devices.

Keep It Nice

It’s important to keep your home exterior in good shape for a number of reasons; one of the most surprising is that it helps with home security. If a burglar spots a house with an overgrown garden, a peeling front door, a roof that needs to be repaired, they will know that the owner isn’t so picky about looking after their property. What does that mean? It means that there will be a way in – a broken window pane that isn’t yet fixed, or a loose doorknob that can be popped off and the door unlocked through the gap. It would be wise to install security screen doors in your main entrances to improve your home’s security.

Keep your home looking nice and in good repair by tidying the yard (you could even plant some thorny bushes by the windows as an extra deterrent), getting Amazing Roof Restorations to fix the roof, painting the front door, getting a commercial gate automation installed, and ensuring that anything that is broken is mended as soon as possible.

Install Lighting

Installing some motion sensor lighting at the front and back of your house is a great way to deter potential burglars. If you can shine a spotlight directly on someone who is lurking around trying to figure out how to get into your home, they aren’t likely to hang around for much longer – they don’t want to be spotted! If you live in an apartment, make sure the corridors are well lit and that you have a peephole in your door so that you don’t open it and get rushed.

Know The Neighbours

If you get to know your neighbours, you’ll be able to look out for one another’s property and help to deter thieves if they appear. Having an extra set of eyes on a home is a good idea, especially in a tight-knit community, as it will be easy to notice a stranger. It’s even better if they have a different work schedule to yours, as it means that there will always be someone in the vicinity of your home (and their home) who is able to keep an eye out. You might even want to set up a neighbourhood watch program if the idea appeals.

Keep Your Car Safe

It’s not just homes that are a target for thieves; cars can be easily and quickly hit too. If you don’t have a driveway and park on the street, then it’s even more crucial that you ensure your car is locked. Never leave anything of value in plain sight – it can all go into the boot or the glove compartment if it needs to remain in the car. A thief might try their luck as they walk past a row of parked cars to see if any of them are unlocked and if yours is, and there is something interesting like a purse or laptop in easy reach, it won’t be there for long. If you leave a spare key under the visor or anywhere else just as obvious, the entire car could be taken. Keep it locked and try to park it in a well-lit area.

Change The Locks

One of the very first jobs that you need to do when you move into a new place is to change the locks through a commercial locksmith service. Although the previous owners may have handed their own sets of keys over to the realtor, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other spare sets floating around out there with all sorts of other people. Whether you’re building new construction or you’re renovating your home, the professional wide range locksmiths in london can help. Think of the times when you’ve given (or been tempted to give) a spare key to your home to someone. It could be friends and family; it could be tradespeople, it could be a neighbor. Not knowing who could unlock the door of your home at any time is unnerving, so changing the locks with the help of a reliable residential locksmith will give you peace of mind and keep your home much more secure.

Leave The Radio On

One last useful tip when you’re away from home is to leave the radio on, loud enough that it can be heard at the front door (or the back one). As an added touch, turn the volume on your doorbell down. Now, if someone were to ring your bell to ascertain whether or not you’re at home and you don’t answer, they may wonder whether it’s because you simply didn’t hear the bell over the radio. That element of doubt is enough to put most thieves of even attempting to break in.