7 Ways To Make Your Home More Inviting


Many modern homes are designed and decorated to provide a blank canvas. The reason for this is that they want to allow any potential buyers to put their own mark on the property. However, once you have moved in, it can be difficult to grasp that inviting feeling that you want your visitors to feel. You also want it to be somewhere that makes you feel warm and comfortable when you get home. Here are a few tips for making your home more inviting.


Start at the Entrance

If you want to make your home more inviting, then there is no better place to start than at the front door. Having a nice clean door and a cheery welcome mat are just two of the ways that you can make people feel welcome. Displaying words such as like ‘Welcome’ or ‘Come in’ written on the doormat, makes visitors relax and feel more at home. Once you get inside the front door, you want to keep the good vibes going. To do this, try adding some greenery to the hall with a nice plant. You want it to be on a table or a stool if possible so that people can see it as they enter the house. You should also think about adding a rug to the hall with some nice calm paintings on the walls.

Use Color Carefully

You might not think it possible, but you can make your home much more inviting just by using color carefully. For example, try painting the wall at the end of the hallway a nice bright color. It will have the effect of catching the eye as soon as you open the door. It will also draw people inside to see what else there is. You can also use color in the same way in other areas of the house, though you need to choose colors that you also want. They don’t have to be bright colors in every room, but they should be something that isn’t too cold or uninviting.

Make Seating Areas Easy to Navigate

Although you may be perfectly happy moving chairs out of the way when you want to eat dinner, your guests might not be so comfortable. Many people don’t feel comfortable moving things around in another person’s home, so you should make access to chairs as easy as possible. Another thing is paperwork and other items you have laying around. Although you are happy to have papers on the chairs and tables, your visitors won’t feel happy moving them to sit down. Try to keep things organized, especially if you are expecting anyone. It is also a good idea to try and sweep up any children’s toys that might be laying around as you won’t want someone to trip over.


If you have ever been snuggled in bed or laying on the sofa and then realize you haven’t turned off the light, you will know how annoying that can be. However, for a lot of people, a smart light bulb is becoming a sound investment. There have been innovative lights before now, such as those that turn on and off by touch, and those that use infra-red controls to change colors. However, the new versions can do more than that, because they are Bluetooth enabled. It means that you can control them via your phone or with a home hub system. It means that if you need to go downstairs in the middle of the night, you can ask your home hub to turn on the lights before you get there. It can also give you a lot of control over your lights when you are looking to set a certain mood. For example, if you are planning a romantic meal, you can set the lights low.


Apart from the hallway, plants are also a great way to make your home feel more natural and softer to the eye. They will bring life to your space and are also a great talking point for new visitors. Try to have a variety of plants of different colors to break up the scene, and of course, you want to place them where they get the best conditions. You can even have a plant in the bathroom. Many cacti love the warm and humid conditions that the bathroom provides.


When you think about a nice warm and comfy sofa, what are your first thoughts? They probably go to a nice plush sofa that sinks in when you sit down. These are the same thoughts that many other people have when they think welcoming and cozy. You can also include some big soft rugs, especially if you have a hard floor as this will soften the lines and keep feet warm by the sofas. You also want to add some soft cushions and perhaps some bean bags or floor cushions if you really want to relax. Try to avoid any furniture that is too bright or harsh in its appearance as this will detract from the look you want to achieve.

Home Hubs

One of the best ways that you can make your home feel warmer and more inviting is by smart technology controlled by a home hub. They are all based on the same premise, that you can use their Bluetooth and voice commands to control other objects. To get the most compatibility, it can be good to get all your gadgets for one home hub, for example, the Best Z-wave Products are those that work together. By using these gadgets together, you can create a nice warm glow with your lighting, set the temperature of your home to make it warmer and even ask it to play some nice relaxing music.

You are one of the best judges of what makes your home inviting. However, you should also think about it from someone else’s perspective. How would you feel entering your home? Would you feel that it was inviting to you? If you can answer these with a yes, you are on the right lines.