How to get your home winter ready

How to get your home winter ready

It is never too early on in the year to start preparing your house for the cold months, and here we provide a few tips on how to do just that. It would also be helpful to keep in mind as the months wind down, creating a checklist or budget where applicable. Make sure that you hire a snow removal company before the first snowfall as you do not want to be looking for someone last minute.

Service the fireplace/ furnace

Routine heating maintenance as you get closer to winter is advisable for those who don’t wish to find themselves inside a freezing home because the heating system broke down. You don’t want to be calling a heating repair professional for a furnace repair in the dead of winter. A furnace installation is practical for winter, and it can come at a suitable price. We often assume that it should be functional given we only use it a few months time. It is the lack of use and voluntary disclosure that should give you all the more reason to have it checked in advance to save you heating costs. This way, if a Furnace System Repair is needed, you can get it done before the winter season starts. If you have a boiler, take the time to test and inspect it to find out if a boiler repair service is needed. Same applies to the fireplace, sweep and dust it and have a professional look at it to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from a seal.

Clean the gutters

In autumn there is likely a pile-up of leaves and other debris in your gutter. Cleaning those out helps rain and melting snow drain easily. A clogged gutter means that there will likely be leaks in the house when the water gathers. You also don’t want to have stagnant water on them as it will attract mosquitoes and other insects attracted to those conditions. Remember to cater to the downspouts; have them extend away from the house five feet or more to avoid water gathering around the house. If your gutters are all worn out, consider getting another gutter installation.

Have a roof inspection

While tending to the gutters and eaves, check your roofing system and see if there are damaged, loose or missing shingles. Should that be the case, hire a roofing services professional to have a look and do the repairs. You don’t want to be losing heat during winter as it tends to up your heating costs.

Inspect the doors and windows

The ideal way to keep heating costs down is through ensuring the house is adequately insulated. You a look at all the doors and windows to ensure there are no leaks or weathering. Consider replacing where necessary or finding a quick fix. Anywhere you feel the outside elements coming, e.g., the cold air then it is an indication that you need to tend to it. If more snow ended up falling than you expected and have your whole front yard covered in snow, then consider getting help from a commercial snow removal company.

Insulate pipes

A dip in temperatures drastically changes a pipes property. Condensation is likely to happen over hot temperate pipes and lead to drips. For example, under the sink, you can consider leaving the cabinet doors open overnight to promote circulation. You can also pad exposed pipes to prevent water damage should they freeze. Remember to check the attic, basement and any crawl space.