THE DIY’ers Guide to Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

DIY’ing is a rapidly expanding market that seems to have engulfed everything from home décor to clothing. While DIY’ing wedding decorations has become de rigeur, many people still shy away from the concept of creating their own wedding dress. For those who prefer the old fashion way and want to buy a wedding dress that is already made then consider checking out your local wedding dress shop. If you don’t have a ring yet, you should definitely try to design your own engagement rings for your own personalized look. Visit Groove Life and see their offerings on silicone rings.

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Of course, we completely understand that if you have no experience with sewing and you’re looking at making a wedding dress from scratch, you may be out of your depth but you can take one of the sewing courses Melbourne. However, there are plenty of ways you can add a DIY element to your wedding dress without training for months on bead embroidery.

Go two piece

Two-piece wedding dresses are becoming more popular but are still a novelty in bridal stores. This gives you a great opportunity to explore options that will allow you to put together your own dress. You can save a surprising amount of money by using a two-piece dress, since neither piece has to come from a bridal store. Long tulle skirts or adult tutus work incredibly well at creating the voluminous shape of a classic princess gown. Combine them with a lace bodysuit and you will have the makings of a gorgeous dress.
Another great benefit to two-piece dresses is their versatility. You can purchase two different skirts for the ceremony and reception to change up the vibe of your dress, and even wear them later on as separate, casual pieces.

Modify a thrifted dress

Thrift shops are full of vintage wedding dresses just begging to be loved again. While mounds of satin and lace and shoulder pads may not be what you’re looking for, using a thrifted wedding dress and finding a good seamstress can save you tons of money! Find a dress that gives you the silhouette you want, buy it for a few bucks, and then bring it to a great seamstress who can modify it to your liking. Find mens linen pants for beach wedding to complete your perfect outfit together.
If you or someone you know has a bit of sewing experience, you can even try your hand at doing it yourself!

Shop online

Online stores have significantly less overhead than brick and mortar stores, which means they can offer more choices and at a cheaper rate. JJ’s designer Jessica encourages every bride to shop online first.
“Not only can you get an idea for what kind of dress you may like, you have a chance to snap it up at a seriously discounted rate.”
Going online and searching for wedding dress shops near me opens up thousands of choices without the limitations of the bridal store, which is especially handy if your tastes in wedding dresses are outside the norm.

Skip the white

A great way to create a memorable and unique wedding dress is to take that white dress and dye it! Ombre and colored weddings dresses that match with these bespoke pink argyle diamond rings have been popping up on Pinterest in droves, and it’s no wonder. These gorgeous, saturated dresses are an eye-catching way to bring your own style to a staid tradition. That being said, you may be hard pressed to find a seamstress willing to dye your wedding dress, so you and your friends may need to get creative!