How Yoga can change your life?

Yoga and its benefits

Yoga is much more than just body transformation, it is about changing your life. If understood and practiced in right manner, yoga is the key to change your life. Perhaps, you are planning to practice yoga for the body shaping benefits. Or, because all the hot models are doing it. Whatever it is, you have made a life changing decision.

Experienced this transformation myself. Opted for yoga after a bad ankle sprain; little did I know that Yoga is going to make me a healthier and happy person. But, yoga is not the sole winner in this process you need to combine it with meditation, like what you are doing in a yoga retreat.

Friends usually ask me what changed? Well, everything!

Yoga is going to change your life in the most amazing ways.

  • You fall in love with your body – yoga focuses on each body part. No matter how difficult asanas seem in the beginning but when those thighs get in shape, you will be falling in love with yourself all over again.
  • Kicking out of the comfort zone– yoga is tough, at least in beginning. Balancing is the toughest task but with patience and practice you will be investing in better you.
  • Breathing – We usually don’t think about our breathing, yoga makes you aware. You will slowly master the breathing right which helps you detoxify and cleanse your body and mind.
  • Confidence – Did you ever feel like a God/Goddess? Well, mastering the asanas and moving to higher levels with time gives you confidence. To be yourself and appreciate god’s beautiful creation that is, YOU!
  • Learning to Quiet the Mind–  One of the most amazing things you will learn is how to quiet your mind, even in the most chaotic situations. Meditation help process your thoughts, allowing you to get lost while being aware.
  • Being Fearless – As you move from easy asanas to the tough one, you learn to try new things. You lose the fear of losing and that easily carries on to other aspects of the life.
  • Uniqueness – We are all unique, yoga helps you realize the fact. Yoga is not about perfection, but accepting the flaws. Nobody is perfect and yoga helps you get comfortable in your skin, make you realize you are uniquely awesome.
  • Work & Personal Life balance – Yes! It may not be direct effect, but the confidence and self awareness helps you to focus on work. Further allowing you to focus on personal life and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Better Sex Life– You will learn to engage and lock those muscles, leading to orgasm and translate to better sex life. More you get in touch with your body, experience is going to last longer. With the benefits of yoga to your body, you can also easily get a local fuck buddy as there are an amazing number of local sluts online looking for a good banging.
  • Healthy eating – Yoga needs to be combined with healthy eating. Coupled with nutritious diet, you can see the change in the way your body reacts.
  • Memory– Blood circulation increase leads to improved breathing. You will feel your memory improving and you start being present in every moment.
  • Social Life – Like any other fitness activity, you will expand your social horizons by meeting like minded people and sharing the similar interests.
  • Compassion – You understand your existence in the universe which gives you the ability to be compassionate towards every being.

Apart from these major changes, you will find little things changing, a self aware and a happy life. Read this review of beachbody on demand to get the best tips and fitness advice. The whole world becomes your playground!

Let’s Live Impressive! Namaste.