3 Homeowner’s Secrets to Find the Best House Painter for Your Home


When you decide to renovate your home, one of the first things that come to mind is house painting. A lot of DIYers think that they can take on the job of painting their own homes. As appealing as it may sound, taking on the chore of painting your own house is a humongous task, which is why commercial painting services are available for you. It takes weeks of hard work and expertise to do correctly. Remember, painting a home is not just to improve its aesthetic appeal. Proper application of paint keeps your home’s walls protected from weather related damages. Painting a home is also time consuming and a solo project can take months to complete.

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If you are looking to save time and effort, your best option is to hire a house painter. Professional house painters, particularly an interior and exterior painter, have the tools and the skillset to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without you ever having to bend your back.

Movies that show couples painting their own homes almost never show the expert painting tasks such as preparing the surface or working with chemical solvents. These tasks demand experience and knowledge and that’s why you need a qualified house painter to take on the job. Painters also need to work with power tools and ladders, which means they need to take proper precautionary measures to create a safe working space.

If you visit npcs.ie, you will find the only 3 tips you will ever need to hire the best house painters for your home. Before we dive into the tips, here’s how much it usually costs to hire a house painter. This should give you a basic idea about the cost of the project.

What’s the Average Cost of Hiring House Painters?

The cost of hiring a house painter depends on the square footage of your home. The average cost of painting the exterior of a 2,000 sq. ft home is between $3,000 to $5,000. This includes material costs and labor. If you hire a painter by the hour, expect to pay $50 per hour, considering it’s a standard painting job.

3 Tips to Find the Best Local House Painting Contractor

Get Estimate from Multiple Painting Contractors

If you are dealing with just one painting contractor, then you forego the opportunity to pick the best. Contact multiple painting companies for the same project and ask for estimates from each. Make sure they include the brand names of the paint products they going to use, an exact description of the project, completion date, and the total estimated cost in their reports. Judge all the home painters on the same plain by ensuring they all give you estimates for the same project and use similar paint products.

This is a good starting point and at the end of the day, you instantly know the firms that are charging you less money for the same project. However, it would be shortsighted to pick the house painter that quotes the lowest price. To find the best checkout the next point.

Check References

Most house painters provide references. Call up these references and ask the following questions.

  • Was the projected completed on time?
  • What was the difference between the estimate and the final cost?
  • How satisfied are you with the results?
  • Did the house painter do a good job of cleaning up after the work was done?

Based on the answers to these questions, you should be able to figure out the reputation of the house painter you’re about to hire.

Check License and Insurance

Once you find the best house painting firm for your home, it’s time to check if they are licensed and have insurance. Different states have different licensing requirements for different contractors. The house painter also needs to have professional liability insurance to cover the cost of any damages caused by them.