5 Of the Best Museums That Are Worth A Visit In 2019


When travelling to Europe, there are a number of amazing theme parks and landmarks for you to visit, but this can take away from the cultural experience that you can enjoy. But by visiting museums, you can learn more about European culture and deep dive into their rich history. So before heading to https://www.ehic.co.uk and booking your EHIC ahead of time, allow us to give you some insight into 5 museums that are worth visiting in 2019.

Musée Du Louvre, Paris

With a number of events as well as tours and activities, the Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world. With the Mona Lisa as well as a number of other famous artworks, visiting this amazing museum is well worth the trip. This museum is easy to get to as it is a trip across the tunnel, allowing you to spend the weekend or even a short break at a very minimal price. The art pieces on this museum are transported only by an expert art handler to maintain the integrity and authenticity of such invaluable pieces.

Vatican Museums, Rome

In addition to the Louvre, there are also a number of museums in the Vatican. This symbol of Christian beliefs in Rome is visited every year by thousands of visitors to visit the Pope and listen to one of his many speeches. When you eventually get inside, you will some of Rome’s most historic paintings and statues that date back generations. Through you are not allowed to take photos here, you can see first-hand some of the very best of ancient roman history and also learn about modern history like what is Gen X?.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

If you want to see some of the very best of British history, then the Victoria and Albert is one of the many museums in London that you should visit. With a Christian Dior Exhibit as well as a number of other exhibitions to take a look at, this museum is one for those that love royal history as well as fashion. With some of the worlds most amazing exhibitions with garments dating back centuries, you can see some of the worlds most infamous outfits all under one roof.

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Museu Picasso, Barcelona

If you are a fan of Picasso and the art that he created, then visiting Barcelona and the Museu Picasso is the one for you. With a collection of artworks as well as a photography exhibition, you can see a completely different side to this famous artist and the work that he is creating. There are also a number of other events throughout the summer holiday and new and exciting exhibitions to encourage the whole family to spend time together. This is also a great location for educational trips as you can see the art from textbooks up close and personal.

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New Acropolis Museum, Athens

The final museum that is worth a place on this list is the Acropolis Museum. With statues from the ancient museum as well as a number of historical artefacts in the Parthenon gallery, you can see what remains on the inside of this historical artefact before heading up to the acropolis to see this ancient structure. This not only makes for a great day out for you and whoever you are travelling with, but it is also a great way to learn about ancient Greece and what went on here.

Whether you are looking to visit a number of museums on your summer holiday this year, or you are just looking to learn more about the history of European countries there are a number of amazing museums that you can visit wherever you are heading to in Europe. Consider getting a second passport to travel or live to Europe freely, visit https://digitalemigre.com/ to learn how.