How Today’s Tech is Changing the Way Restaurants Run Their Kitchen


Restaurants have existed for centuries if not millennia, but the last few years have seen some major changes to how restaurants run their kitchens, like using an automatic currency counter, an employee scheduling software to track employees’ day-to-day shifts, and an employee feedback software.

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That’s why they use employee scheduling software as the backbone to their operation. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Better Organization, Sooner

A restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place. Ovens and burners are piping hot, and boiling water and sharp knives are everywhere. Chefs should no longer be concerned about restaurant equipment repair or delayed supply delivery as they already have their plates full(no pun intended!). Anything that can help bring order into such an atmosphere like professional commercial janitorial services is welcome! They can even schedule routine cleaning online with commercial kitchen hood cleaners anchorage ak.

You can read everything you need to know about working in a restaurant but it starts with sorting out the basics, like when people work. Employee scheduling software makes it easy for everyone in the restaurant to know their schedule, and lets the restaurant keep on top of its staffing effortlessly and way further in advance.

Employees are able to send managers their work availability remotely through a hybrid cloud, and they can also request days off through it too. Gone are the days where employees need to huddle around a busy calendar to scrawl in their availability! Now your staff can even request days off, which the manager can approve of, all through the app.

Altogether, schedules are created in 80% less time than it would otherwise take, leaving your cooks with more time and energy to focus on the food. The texting and phone calling that takes place to support schedule creation is also reduced by as much as 70%.

Real Actionable Intelligence

The chef may have all kinds of creative ideas about how to change or modify the menu, but the kitchen is inextricably connected to the business of the restaurant. Thankfully, employee scheduling software provides actionable intelligence about every component of the restaurant.

A netsuite implementation for food and beverage and other manager-facing dashboards may present major statistics like total sales and labor costs clearly, in a way that’s easy to compare this data against past statistics. It’s also easy to track custom stats of particular importance to your restaurant.

Beyond hard data, after each shift every employee is prompted to rate it and describe in their own words how they think it went. This way, the software combines quantifiable data with the first-hand perspective of your frontline staff to give a full and true picture of everything going on at your restaurant. It is vital to ensure that you have complied with the fire codes. Safe clean hoods are required by law to increase safety and reduce the risk of potential fires.

The feedback can be given anonymously, so employees feel more comfortable being candid. The software get feedback from all the staff — waiters, bussers and bartenders, and also the chefs and cooks.

There are timeless recipes which can be made today the exact same way they were many years ago, but behind the scenes, the kitchen of a restaurant is a calmer and more orderly place thanks to modern technology like employee scheduling software and straight through processing payments.