Hardwood Sports Flooring

close up of sneakers on wooden floor

For durability, ball bounce, beauty, and player safety it is hard to beat an indoor hardwood sports floor. Hardwood has long been the favourite material when it comes to sports flooring, easily beating out vinyl. Check out the brand Junckers, who manufacture high quality solid wood flooring for all types of sport courts and gyms. See more sports floors here.

Quality and top performance on hardwood

Choosing top quality vinyl flooring can make all the difference when it comes to sports. Most people will have tried to play e.g. basketball on an old run-down court or in a ramshackle, old high school gym.

The ball does not bounce properly, and it can be a challenge not to fall and hurt yourself. Even professional athletes cannot play their best under such conditions. Not only, is it harder to play a good game but you also at risk for injury that could otherwise have been prevented. A new hardwood floor is a big investment, but a good quality sports floor ensures that athletes can perform at their best without having to worry about injuries, and they can focus on playing a fair game, but even the majority of organized sports-related injuries (60 percent) occur during practice, and the majority of the player have to take sports medicine treatment.

What is the intended activity on the floor?

Is your new sports floor meant for a basketball court or a multipurpose gymnasium? Depending on the activity that will take place on the floor, requirements to slip resistance, shock absorption, and ball bounce will differ. It is important to talk to your manufacturer about the different characteristics of the sport that will be played on the floor – this way you get the best possible result.

Choose sports flooring that is built to last

Longevity is a factor in any purchase, especially when it comes to a big investment purchase like a new hardwood sports floor or synthetic sports surfaces. A sports floor is under a lot of wear and tear, as two teams run back and forth on it. The big advantage of having some excellent spung wooden flooring is that they can be sanded down to bare wood, resealed, repainted and refinished – this can be done multiple time and is an advantage you do not get with synthetic floors. You should talk to your manufacturer about life expectancy of the floor, and how you should maintain it to keep it durable and maximize its longevity.   

Indoor environment considerations

A point that is perhaps easily missed, is consideration to the environment in the gym where the new hardwood sports floor should be installed. Wood is an organic material and is vulnerable to moisture, hence, it will expand and contract depending on the environment you place it in.

Find an experienced contractor to install the floor, who will take into account how changes in humidity levels will make the wood expand and contract.