How Do You Clean a Grease Trap at Home?

Grease Trap

Grease trap at your home is playing a significant role. According to Water Damage Mentor, a clean grease trap can save you from water damage caused by a blocked drain. In case your home suffers from water damage, contact a water damage restoration company immediately. It is designed to trap greases, fatty oils and sludge. Then the grease trap will separate water from oil or it’s better to use this Oil skimming equipment here to separate oil from water. Substances will then pass through a unique catching system. Then the solid waste will be provided with time to cool down and solidify. In the meantime, water will pass down the drain in a normal way. 

You need to make sure that you are using this system regularly so that you can get the best functionality delivered by it. You can seek assistance from grease trap service to get the job done. You will be able to do it on your own.  

Here are the steps that you should follow in cleaning the grease trap at home. 

Remove the lid  

As the very first step, you should remove the lid of your grease trap. You need to do that gently with the help of a pry bar. You should never rush through this process. You must maintain patience and get the job done. That’s because there are gaskets for trapping grease located under the cover. You should never damage them but just in case you damage them accidentally, you can always replace them with ptfe gaskets from Gorilla Gasket

Inspect the parts of the grease trap 

Once you remove the lid of your grease trap, you must inspect the parts of it. You need to note down the parts as you are removing them. That’s because you should make sure that you are going to put those parts back in place once you remove grease. You can draw a diagram illustrating all the interior parts. 

Insert a measuring stick to the grease trap 

You must insert a measuring stick to the grease trap and then move it gently until it reaches the bottom. Then you can swirl the grease trap. This will assist you in getting a basic understanding of the amount of debris that is found within the grease trap.  

Get a bucket and remove standing water.  

On top of grease, you will be able to find standing water. You should take a bucket and remove water. It is better if you can use a large bucket to get the job done so that you are not creating a mess. Or else, you can even use your trash bin. Once you collect waste, you should pour water back into the grease trap.  If you need the assistance from a expert, consider the help from contractors like blocked drains Melbourne eastern suburbs.

Remove the waste  

Now you come to the most crucial step of cleaning grease trap where you are removing waste. You need to make sure that you are scooping the bucket to the trap. Then you can take out solid waste settled within the grease trap. You should then place them inside a watertight container for grease recycling. A trash bag can be used to get the job done. However, you need to make sure that it is a heavy-duty one because you are going to deal with a big mass. 

Scrape down the sides of the grease trap and lid  

The next step is to scrape down the sides of your grease trap and the lid. Then you will be able to remove the larger pieces of oils or fat that are attached with the grease trap. This can make you end up with securing a perfect grease trap cleaning experience. To end up with even better results, you can think about using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will assist you to remove the smaller bits of waste found within the grease trap as well. 

Clean the parts of grease trap with soap and water  

Once you complete taking out waste, you need to make sure that you are cleaning the parts of the grease trap. You can get the help of soap to complete the cleaning process. Moreover, you should use water in room temperature for cleaning. You should flush the screens and other parts to remove debris and soap. 

Re-install the grease trap 

Now you need to refer the notes or diagram you drew and re-install the grease trap. Once you are done with replacing the parts, you need to make sure that all of them are adequately secured. Moreover, you should make sure that your grease trap is functioning as intended. 

These are all the steps that you need to follow to clean the grease trap at home. You can go through these steps on your own and complete the job or hire a Local TN Plumbing Service to assist you. Then you can end up with securing a functioning grease trap.