Top 6 benefits of solar panels on your roof

Solar panels on house

The solar industry has seen a tremendous growth in the past decade, with more and more people getting aware of the potential benefits of having residential and commercial solar panel installation. According to the solar installer eltham company, using solar energy has become a new trend, for better, and people are realizing that it is not only friendlier for the environment, but can also save them a handsome amount of money down the year lane, especially with gadgets like a solar battery storage. With the rising popularity of the solar panel installation, more and more people are interested in jumping on to the bandwagon of this renewable resource. Especially with the prices of renewable energy going down, more and more households are switching to cleaner energy, as a result of which solar panels are becoming an excessively common sight.

Some people still ask why it is beneficial or what good is in there for them if they install solar panels and Precast Solar Ballast Blocks? This article is here to answer exactly that. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, this article will talk about the reasons why the best time to convert to solar energy is now. To know more of solar energy, read this post here.

1.   Clean, Renewable energy

The first and foremost reason why one should consider solar installation is the fact that solar energy is 100% renewable and environmentally friendly. It not only reduces the use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and goas, but also eliminates the release of harmful greenhouse gases. Burning of fossil fuels produces harmful gases in shape of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which are responsible for the global warming. As more and more fossil fuel will burn, more these greenhouse gases will be released, and more will be the harm inflicted on the planet Earth.

When solar panels produce electricity from the sunlight, they do not release any harmful gas. It helps us with two purposes. Firstly it produces electricity that we can use to power our homes, and secondly it protects and sustains our environment as well. Sunrise Electric Company is a new clean energy alternative that is easy to switch too.

2.   Gives you power-independence

Solar power systems gives you the freedom to stay on-grid or solely depend upon yourself by going completely off-grid. It is an established fact that as urban areas grow, the national grid founds it extremely difficult to cope up with the growing demand. Many areas experience an energy cut or electricity load shedding to maintain the balance between supply and production. In order to free yourself from this dependency, residential solar panels are the best solution.

Solar panels and batteries are becoming excessively affordable, accessible and reliable. Now solar power systems are capable enough to prove energy security to the homeowners. A solar power system is also a cleaner and silent alternative as compared to backup generators; visit Rooftop Solar for more information.

3.   Save on your Electricity Bills

Undoubtedly, electricity utility are the single biggest portion of a monthly budget. Many people feel financially strangled as the electricity bills are surging to all-time highs. Users can simply avoid this monthly expense by doing a one-time up-front payment for their solar panel system and they will be better off in a longer term.

People living in areas which receive an ample amount of sunlight throughout the year should seriously consider going for solar solutions. With the concept of net metering becoming very common in almost all regions, a person can even sell their excess energy produced to the national grid in exchange for credits. The same credits then can be used in times of cloudy days, and thus electricity consumed by the national grid will not be an expense. With solar power systems getting very affordable and financing services on top of that, they can be the best option to save on the hard-earned money.

4.   Cutting down on the energy loss

In a conventional power system what happens is that electricity is produced using massive generators at remote locations either through hydel or fossil fuels. Next a lot of infrastructural cost is incurred to transport this energy. This network of electricity distribution then becomes the reason for electricity losses. According to a research as much as 3% energy is lost during transportation in the most developed systems. Countries and regions having old and outdated networks have a higher figure for loss.

Interestingly, solar panels and the accompanying system is installed directly above the house, on their roofs by a residential roofing company. This makes the energy transportation distance to virtually zero. Do gutter leaf guards really work? Mastershield’s do because they manufacture them to match the pitch of your roof. Rooftop solar panels are in fact known to increase the overall efficiency of the system by reducing the losses to almost zero. The power generation, distribution and consumption is happening at the same place, which makes the owner his own master.

5.   Solar Power improves Grid Security

As we have already pointed out that as urban areas are growing at an alarming rate, the national grid is finding it difficult to cope up with the increasing demand. This makes it highly unreliable as this means power outages and scheduled electricity load shedding will become a norm unless the country increases their electricity production.

With solar panels installed on the roof, each house becomes a small power plant. Depending upon the size of the solar power system it might be able to produce excess energy than is needed by the household. This excess energy than can be supplied to the main grid through net-metering. Even if the solar power system is not supplying energy to the grid, it is reducing the burden on it by making a household self-sufficient. This makes the national grid more secure and reliable.

6.   Reduced Costs and Tax Breaks

From a personal point of view, solar power systems can provide many financial benefits. Firstly, as compared to other power generation techniques, the cost of solar power generation has reduced by as much as 70% over the past decade. This means the initial investment has become very affordable.

Moreover, many governments have realized the power and potential benefits of solar energy, and they are therefore, providing credit policies and tax cuts to anyone who is willing to opt for solar installation. In the United States, if looking for solar panels in Gibsonia, PA for example, there was a 30% tax cut for residential solar systems. All of this combined brings greater financial flexibility to a user.