Transforming Your Garden into a Living Space

Garden into a Living Space

If your garden is designed well, not only can it be a great place to enjoy the sunshine, but it can also become a regularly used living space. Now more than ever is the perfect time to sort out your outside area to be able to utilize it when entertaining friends and family. Designing and decorating an outside living space requires just as much as time and planning as decorating the interior of your home. Also, with battery powered pruning shears you can make sure your garden looks spotless and fresh.

While you might be reading this and thinking that you don’t have the time for another renovation project, we’ve rounded up some great ideas to help you get started. You can start your garden by knowing How should you plant, care and grow the Calathea plant and other gardening tips.

Fabulous Lighting

Not only is lighting a necessity to ensure you can use your garden at night, but it can also create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Fairy lights are an easy and relatively cheap way of doing this. Be sure to get outdoor lights so they will withstand the elements. A lot of outdoor lights are solar or battery powered, but if you’ve got an outdoor power supply, you can also get outdoor lights that will plug in. There are loads of outdoor lights to choose from so you can be sure that whichever lights you get will match the décor of your garden. 

Super Stylish Seating

Comfortable seating is key to making your outdoor space an enjoyable place to spend time. Whether you want a table and chair set, lounging chairs or an outdoor couch, you want to make sure you have enough room to be able to entertain family and friends. As it’s going to be outside, you want to make sure that it’s durable and easy to clean. It’s going to be at the mercy of the wind, rain, snow and falling leaves, so it’s a good idea to invest in something which is good quality.

Grill, Fry or Sizzle

When entertaining, you always need good food. Rather than having to run in and out of your house to get more food from the kitchen, why not consider bringing your kitchen outside? Built-in barbeques, charcoal pits and even wood-burning pizzas ovens are a perfect way to entertain and feed your guest all while being outside in the sunshine! BBQ To Go offers all of the above. If you’re ready for a complete overhaul, why not look at getting a customized outdoor kitchen or lounging space fitted to achieve bespoke outdoor living areas?

Dazzling Decorations

An easy and cost-effective way to transform your living space is with some simple outdoor decorations. Hanging mirrors around your garden is a great way to make your garden look bigger. You can also attract wildlife into your garden with bird feeders and decorative wooden birdhouses which you can hang from a tree. Outdoor cushions and rugs are also a simple way to make your garden snug and homey.

So, there you have some great ideas to revamp your garden into a welcoming living space. Some of these ideas are quick and cheap and some are more of an investment. Whatever your budget, we’re sure you’ll love the results.