Versilia Beaches – The Most Alluring Tuscany Beaches near Lucca & Pisa!


The sandy coast of north Tuscany is a fantastic place to be, especially around this time of the year. So, if you are on vacation in Lucca or Pisa and the surrounding countryside or medieval villages, the sea is just a very short drive away. With temps rising sky-high lately, spending a day by the sugary shores of Versilia is, indeed, a superb idea, don’t you think? Here are some of your options, so you and your loved one(s) or friends can soak up all the allure of this bewildering part of the Tuscany coast!

Where to head to

Named after the river the runs to Forte dei Marmi from Seravezza, Versilia beaches stretch over the trendy Forte dei Marmi, the fashionable Marina di Massa, the enchanting Lido di Camaiore, and the delightful Marina di Pietrasanta and all the way to Torre di Lago and, of course, Viareggio, which dazzles with its Liberty-style architecture and promenades, the around 100 bathing lidos, and the 10km of pristine shoreline.

Although most Versilia shores are privately managed, you can also find plenty of beaches with free access. Of course, if you opt for a privately-owned coast, you can expect pristine and meticulously cleaned beaches, with lots of deckchairs and sunshades for rent. I have also found some brilliant sailing shorts for men, they are so comfortable and just perfect for life on the boat, so check those out if you would like some. Visit to browse the best boats in the market.

Speaking of tourist facilities, Versilia beaches also feature amenities like beach bars and restaurants serving spaghetti-inspired lunches and dinners and mouth-watering fish dishes and seafood. The good news is that the heart of the shores here starts pulsing from as early as mid-May every year. Now, if you want to skip the summer crowds, you can still visit the beaches after the high season and even in late fall and wintertime. However, the restaurants and bars are open only on the weekends during that particular time of the year. You may want to visit sites like to know where to eat good seafood.

Versilia Beaches For All Types of Sunbathers

They are becoming increasingly popular lately, at a time when most shores are owned and managed by a company, luxury resort, or business person.

1. Torre del Lago & Spiaggia della Lecciona

The northern suburbs of Pisa is home to the fab Torre del Lago beach, which features a strong gay community with several affluent gay singles. Expect large, wild areas and small plots with minor tourist facilities (sun loungers). Most of the beach is untouched and impresses with its undeveloped dunes and natural charm. You may choose to soak up the warm Mediterranean sun here or pass the port and reach another idyllic shore – Spiaggia della Lecciona.

2. Marina di Vecchiano

Developed just recently, Marina di Vecchiano is a wide golden sand beach with a gorgeous seabed that turns heads. Part of its irresistible appeal is the colourful gardens, along with the imposing presence of the Apuan Alps. Here, you will be treated with a hypnotic blend of stylish entertainment options and an unspoiled natural ambience. As for the infrastructure, it is more than pleasant. To get to the beach, you will have to walk over a narrow paved road passing through a magnificent partially wooded area filled with shady juniper and pine trees.

3. Lido di Camaiore

Lying between Marina di Pietrasanta and Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore boasts not only a sugary beach and inviting, shallow waters (perfect for families with children) but also captivating views of the Apuan Alps. Unlike its other siblings, the beach here is well-organised and equipped with everything you will need. Even flanked by a vibrant promenade lined with bars, restaurants, and boutiques, it offers alternative ways to have a great time around this Tuscany region.

4. Forte dei Marmi

This is definitely one of the most widely popular, glamorous, and prestigious seaside resorts located on the Tyrrhenian coast. So, don’t be surprised if you happen to rub shoulders with celebs, famous sportspeople, industrialists, royals, politicians, blue-bloods, and important business figures who show strong affection for this particular location. Furthermore, as you wander along the pier, you will certainly notice a lively night scene that combines so beautifully and harmoniously with daytime beach relaxation.

5. Locals-favourite rocky coast

South of Livorno lies a stretch of seaside land that appeals primarily to locals. Although it lacks the sugary beach of the other Versilia options, it still amazes with its rocky landscape and absolute crystalline waters. Moreover, it is a quite long shore that stretches all the way to Castiglioncello that speaks to the hearts of those who love raw nature and untouched lands. So, don’t expect tourist amenities like umbrellas and deckchairs.   

Where to stay

Luca and Pisa are both home to elegant mansions, luxury villas, and stylish properties offering a wealth of facilities. Guests are pampered with services like a private chef, a fully equipped kitchen, a private pool, captivating views of the bewildering Tuscany landscape, and, of course, close proximity to the seductive azure waters of the Versilia beaches. Enjoy!