When to Consider Interior Design Professionals

There’s a lot of merits to doing it yourself, for sure, but it’s important to know it’s good to a certain point – there’s a time and a place for DIY. There’s a huge difference in the work produced by a professional because of the time, training, expertise and experience that tradespeople possess. There are key areas in interior design when considering professionals is especially worthwhile, and the most relevant of these are listed here for your consideration.


FF&E stands for Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment, and naturally, the professionals who fulfil this role are responsible for these elements – everything from locating, sourcing, negotiating, scheduling, receiving and installing. It’s a big responsibility, and it involves a lot of different tasks and skills throughout the process; this is one of the key reasons that considering a professional is such a good idea. An FF&E professional has the experience to understand the process, the skills to carry out their tasks efficiently – which is absolutely critical in a process where other people and trades depend on your scheduling abilities – and the contacts and expertise to secure the best deals, best prices and best pieces. The other bonus is that this role expands from before the build to after completion, which means you can trust that your interiors will be in good hands and that the support is there for you throughout the process.


The requirements for effective and efficient architecture are distinct and it requires a lot of expertise. It’s more than just where and how big you want your rooms to be, an architect is aware of the legal concerns and knows the specifications that have to be met – moreover, they have the qualifications which mean that they can approve the things and sign off when necessary. It’s not worth missing out on the skills and expertise an architect can add to the project.

Project Management

This is a role that involves a lot of pressure and responsibility. As a result, when you hire a project manager, you’re outsourcing your worries and stresses as well as the work. It makes someone else responsible for the intertrade relationships and liaison between different fields, and the way in which this all fits into the plans and the schedule. Additionally, this person is your communication link too – they talk to you when and how often you’d like them to, so that you’re aware of what matters, but don’t have to be preoccupied with more transient things.


Landscapes can be incredibly beautiful, and we often underestimate quite how many components make up the vista we enjoy. The numerous elements also each require a knowledge and experience to apply them in the best possible way – the right plants to create the shape, colour and experience at different times of year and the right materials for furniture and structures to last well in the conditions and throughout the seasons. This requires expertise that most people just don’t have. In hiring a landscape team like the ones from American Grounds Service, you get to express your needs and wants, and someone who knows about how to make it happen then makes it a reality. It’s practical and makes your investment more worthwhile with guaranteed longevity.

Swimming Pool Expert

You can see why you can’t do this one yourself! Not least because it’s expensive, but it’s also difficult and merits a big fix when it goes wrong. It’s important for it to be structurally excellent because surface level aesthetics won’t last, and this will be problematic in the future if not done right all the way through the process. Besides, pools are always meant to be nice things, don’t attach the ideas of stress and hard work to it – keep it always as the relaxing space you intended.

Interior Designer

An interior designer is responsible for the cohesion and organisation to the whole project, examples of which include playing a key part in choosing, sourcing and organising elements of the design and bringing it to life. Ultimately, they play the role of a manager, whose goal is to see the project through as smoothly as possible, and naturally, prioritise the end product looking and working perfectly. Consult services like Tran + Thomas Design Studio for additional guidance.

Design Manager

Naturally, a design manager manages the design, but it’s much more involved that you’d think from the simplicity of the job title. It’s hard when you do it yourself, not least because of the time, energy and stress it takes from you. Hiring a professional means that they make it work, which saves you the stress of prioritising a functional space and balancing the aesthetic. This also ensures a sense of cohesion throughout the design and in the process; when it’s someone’s dedicated responsibility to uphold this, it makes it a priority.