10 Creative ways to Reuse Men Shirt

Ever wondered what all we can do with old clothes, here are so me cool and creative ways to reuse men’s shirts. Just follow the link and start creating. If you’re in search for new outfits for any event, you can try gorgeous ones like ženska odeća za svečane prilike.

Shirt Tank Top

Convert men’s button down shirt in cute tank top that could be worn more than in one way. Link

Shirt Peasant Top

Simple yet attractive. Link

Shirt Skirt

You can refashion old men’s shirt into stylish skirt. Link

Shirt Quilt

Can use all old shirts and t-shirts to make this quilt, also a nice idea for gifting. Link

Shirt Pillowcase

Easiest pillow case you can ever make, easy to take off and wash. Link

Shirt Onesie

Let your little ones enjoy the party in style, without being burdened by layers of clothes. Link

Shirt Coin Purse

Small and light coin purse made from the cuff of an old menswear shirt. Link

Shirt Bags

One of the best reuse of old shirt, bags sure work for long and instead of messing with zipper you can use the buttons. Link


Shirt Napkins

Napkins made of men’s dress shirts, helps cut down on the use of paper napkins and makes dining at home feel a little more special. Link

Girl Dress

Cute jumper for little girls. Link

Lets Live Impressive!