Creative Wall Designs for Coffee Shops/Cafe’

Vinyl decals are latest and trendy way to decorate any retail space. Thousands of design to choose from, cost effective and create a special graphic effect. You can mix n match with the furniture of your choice. Here are some creative vinyl wall designs for your coffee house/cafe’. Follow the link to order online now!

You can use these designs indoor or outdoor as per your decor plan. Link

Birds sitting on wire, designer has put quite a thought to bring this adorable view indoors. Link

Combined with bright color background and trendy lamp any sitting area will brighten up. Link

What works better than white background? You can mix n match with colorful vinyl decals combined with simple furniture. Link

Not only graphics or designs, you can use this trendy way to put menu on wall in a creative way. Link

Expression work well and give personal touch to any space. Check out more here.

Be inspired. Link

Choose from designs which you can combine with existing decor. Link

Lets Live Impressive!