Mirrored Furniture – Spacious Interior Design

Mirrored furniture is an excellent way of creating bright and spacious interior design. It brings back the style of 30’s, chic and luxurious. Mirrored furniture visually enhances the space and make them more light and inviting. From storage units to nightstand tables look beautiful and make interiors spectacular. Whatever your style is, classic or modern, mirrored furniture looks simply gorgeous. 

Interior Design – Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored bathroom cabinets along with large wall mirrors  transforms even the smallest space. It reflects light making room look bigger and airier. Mirrored furniture items bring luxury and elegance to the bathroom. Pic Courtesy

Textured edges and tapered legs give mirrored coffee table an antique look. Use a colorful centerpiece as it will reflect on the smooth surface creating a colored effect. This glossy piece add a glamours element to the room, they are versatile and work with any color scheme and compliment any patterned textures with a neutral look. Pic Courtesy

Textured edges and tapered legs give mirrored coffee table an antique look.

 Mirrored Furniture Ideas

A huge mirrored dining table adds dramatic effect to the room, it serves as a fantastic centerpiece as well as interior decorating element. Use chandelier, elegant wall decor, and flowers to create an amazing reflection to multiply the beauty  of the room. Pic Courtesy

What could be more glamours than a mirrored dressing table, you can go with a modern style or more of an antique version to lend an air of mystery to the room. Mirrored dressing table combined with mirrored chairs help you decorate dark corner with reflected light creating a spacious effect. Pic Courtesy

Mirrored dressing table combined with mirrored chairs help you decorate dark corner with reflected light

Mirrored nightstand provide great bedside storage space for small items and decorate your bedroom. It also work as an amazing home furnishing that reflect sunshine and glow at night. Pic Courtesy

Mirrored storage units can have wooden surfaces or one with contemporary finishes adding flair to modern interior design. Combine with durable wooden or metal frame will make the piece long lasting. Pic Courtesy

Mirrored writing desk adds an exclusive feel to modern library/ home office. It is rich, elegant, and retro-modern addition to the interiors. Pic Courtesy

Console mirrored table in living room creates a striking featured piece. It blends easily into any setting and create charming effect in the living room.  Pic Courtesy

Adding mirrored furniture to any room will give your interior design a style statement. Lets Live Impressive!!