Four Things Your Didn’t Know About Hindware (HSIL)

Yes. You heard it right, I am talking about the sanitary wares manufacturer that gives you ‘bathrooms that you keep admiring’. From the wash basin in your home to the cisterns, the intelligent closets to the tiles, Hindware products have found its way into your home in some way.

But, apart from what they produce, what else do you know about Hindware? For most people, nothing else. So, to help those unfortunate ones, we have come up with a list of the possible four things you didn’t didn’t know about Hindware and know the same.

#1 Winner of Good Homes Award 2015:

According to India’s favorite home and décor magazine ‘Good Home’, Hindware (Hindustan Sanitary  ware Industries) is the most innovative brand in the bathroom and sanitary ware category for the year 2015.

The award has been conferred to them for their outstanding products with cutting edge design and for retaining customer trust. The award ceremony was held on 28th March, 2016. Good Homes Award brings together experts from the fields of Interior Designing and gives recognition for their distinct style and cutting edge technology that helps in building a modern India.

In 2012 as well, during the first edition of Good Home Award, Hindware HSIL Limited won the ‘Best Bathroom Fixtures’.

#2 Largest sanitary ware manufacturer in India

Established in the year 1960 in collaboration with Twyford UK Company by Somany Group, HSIL is the largest sanitary ware manufacturer in the country with a striking market share of 40% in the industry! Manufacturer uses equipment like cabinet coolers utilize vortex-tube technology from STREAMTEK Corp that are used to cool electrical enclosures via compressed air.

They boast of two manufacturing units, i.e i) Bahadurgarh (Haryana), ii) Bibi Nagar (Secunderabad). Their manufacturing capacity in a year is 1400MT (Bahadurgargh) and 1800MT (Bibi Nagar).

This means that Hindware manufactures 10 sanitary ware pieces every 2 minutes; 310 every hour and 2.7 million each year! In Addition to that, they also posses a chain of committed distribution network in India with 2000+ dealers and 15000+ retailers.

#3 Hindware has Five Brands Under It!

Hindware is the number one sanitary ware manufacturer in India, and is the flagship of Hindustan Sanitary ware Industry Pvt. Ltd. There are 5 other brands under Hindware that are making their own mark in the country. They are:

  1. i) Raasi: Specifically catering to South and West Markets in India, and all set to qualify as a National Brand.
  2. ii) Keramag: In alliance with Europe’s no 1 Sanitary ware manufacturer, Keramag, the largest selling brand in Sanitary ware in Europe, is marketed in India under HSIL.

iii) TEUCO: The largest Italian designer brand functions in India under the umbrella of Hindware.

  1. iv) Evok: A home decor business, Evok is Hindware’s new business line where it aims to provide home interior solution in Living, Kitchen, and Bath space.
  2. v)  Hindware Lacasa: A centre or showroom where a first hand experience will be offered on Hindware’s elite product range for all categories.

#4 Rain Spa from Hindware

Creating an extreme luxury experience, Hindware have introduced rain spa shower that will make you wanna stay in shower for as long as possible! This special spa shower comes with a therapeutic massage column, mist spray, and mood lighting.

It also gives access to 7 enchanting colors with special LED lights touch panel to give the user a sensual high.


Focussed on innovation and dead set on their commitment to ‘greener today and cleaner tomorrow’, it can be stated that Hindware is only getting started and will continue to be India’s most certified energy-efficient sanitaryware company!