How to Take Care of the Indoor Fountains

In order to decorate the interiors of the homes and offices and make them appear more relaxing and welcoming the indoor fountain ideas are fast gaining popularity throughout the world.

These fountains add a cooling and serene effect to any environment to enhance the ambiance of the place and pump life into the space of the rooms.

However in order to keep these fountains working for a longer period of time there are certain tips related to care and maintenance that should be kept in mind.

Maintenance tips for indoor fountains

1. The indoor fountains require routine inspections and cleaning regimes. Some individuals are of the opinion that since these fountains are placed inside they might not require the same care as the exterior fountains. What they overlook is that algae and fungi grows in the dark and moist places which can mar the looks and the functionality of these fountains. Therefore the bore pumps used in the indoor fountains must be thoroughly cleaned at least once in a month to get rid of the mineral deposits and the fungi buildup.

2. The indoor fountains are also prone to low water level related problems. Most of the time the water level decreases due to the slow rate of evaporation indoors and thus, often goes unnoticed. Therefore it is important to inspect on weekly basis that the water pump remains submerged. This will prevent the pump from drying and burning out. It will also greatly affect the quality of water being circulated in the fountain by filtering it constantly which will curb the chances of algae growth.

3. In order to get an idea of the rate of evaporation indoors, one should preferably examine the water level every day. This will give them an idea about how soon water should be refilled.

4. It is important to keep the pump “on” constantly so that the water is cleaned continuously while it is operating. The more the pump motor works, the more prolonged will be the life of the indoor fountain pump.

5. It is preferable to make use of distilled water in the pumps which will prevent buildups due to elements like, minerals, fungi and bacteria, which may otherwise be present in the tap water used for the indoor pumps.


6. When cleaning the indoor fountain pumps or inspecting the same, it is vital to unplug it so as to reduce the chances of electrical shocks.

7. When cleaning the pump it is important to remember to clean the stone placed inside the indoor fountain as well prior to placing them back into the fountain.