Tips for a Cleaner Kitchen

It is not only about buying the latest and trending kitchen accessories and fixtures from the renowned kitchen warehouse that will make it look classy and attractive.

Instead, how a kitchen is maintained, how it functions and how clean it is gauges the effectiveness of any kitchen within the different premises. This article highlights the different ways in which a kitchen can be cleaned while saving time simultaneously.

Some of these tips include but are not limited to.

  1. Cleaning the ovens

Sometimes the people simply forget that the burners of the oven need as much cleaning as the oven itself. Whether the burners in use are gas or electric each needs to be cleaned regularly. The easiest way to do this is by removing them and cleaning them using warm water and soap. The best thing is that the burners can easily be washed by hands.

Cleaner Kitchen

If the grate on the burners is uncoated then it can even be grazed with a scouring pad. When cleaning the oven with persistent stains, it would be a good idea to invest in Clorox wipes to break these stains. To prevent the grease from hardening on the stove top it should be removed immediately.

To break down the stickiness of the control knobs of the oven it is necessary to wash them in lukewarm water with mild detergent. The use of strong or ammonia based detergents will remove their markings.

  1. Cleaning the cabinets

Those expensive kitchen cabinets bought from kitchen warehouse might have been installed to reflect the latest kitchen trends. But improper cleaning and maintenance of the same will soon turn them into a haunt for germs and bacteria which can pose severe danger for the inhabitants of the house.

Therefore regular cleaning of the kitchen cabinets is very important. It is important to air them out regularly and to get rid of the expired products stored in them. The interior of these cabinets must be cleaned using a sponge and soapy rag to get rid of residue, germs and dust.

The front of the cabinets often get sticky as they are exposed to the fumes of the stove and the dust all around. These too should be cleaned with a damp rag and then dried out properly to curb the risk of color discoloration.

  1. Keep the counters clean

As the day ends or the work in the kitchen finishes the counters must be cleaned. For cleaning the counters a sponge and mild detergent should be used. These counters then should be cleaned out with a dry rag. Even paper towels can be used for this purpose.

Those counters that are made from specific stones like granite etc. should be cleaned according to their cleaning and caring instructions.