3 Times Simple is Better than Showy

Simple is Better than Showy

America is run on business. As consumers, we see a lot of ads every week. On a given day, we experience ads on websites, on the radio, on TV, and in magazines. Everywhere we look, one company or another wants our attention. Sometimes their product is great, and well worth having. Other times, our lives would be fine (if not better) without it. With the all the hustle and bustle and surround-sound of advertisements, it can be hard to appreciate simplicity. After all, most ads encourage us to go for the biggest, flashiest product available.

Simple is Better than Showy

Sometimes, it is fun to have something big and beautiful. On most occasions, however, simple is better than showy. To get some of those advertisements out of your system, consider some of the following products. With each one, something simple is best.

Your Vehicle

It’s tempting to go for showy when it comes to our cars. A newer car with more dashboard gadgets, or a sports car with a hot look can both seem more appealing than a gently-used model. Not much to look at, used cars are nevertheless a better deal, and you’ll save money on repairs in the long run.

Flashy cars can be expensive to fix, and new cars will always cost extra money—even a car that’s only been driven for six months retails at a lower rate. You don’t need to pay an extra price for “new” on used cars for sale. You can head to a trusted Ford dealership and find 1966 Shelby GT350 for sale that meets all your needs.

Are you having trouble with your Ford key? If your key does not turn in the ignition, the key may be damaged. Dirt, debris, rust, or even a slight bend in the key can render the key useless. Ford locksmith for lost key replacement services can evaluate the problem and determine the best cost-effective solution.

Your Home

When it comes to show over simplicity, we’re extremely tempted when it comes to our homes. It can feel like the most important thing in the world to have a bigger home, a bigger yard, a better kitchen, and a prettier bathroom. Beauty at home is a worthy goal, but make sure you’re not choosing surface value over lasting value. A smaller home, one that won’t stress your finances, is a much better decision than a McMansion. Residential metal roofing might look simple compared to shingles, but it protects your home with added durability and easier care. When it comes to a happy home, simple is often best.

Your Devices

You don’t need the latest smartphone. No, really. You just have to get your iPhone fixed at iPhone Repair Bridgewater Mall. If you regularly keep up with the newest models, you’re forking over a lot of money you don’t really need to be spending. New phone designs are exciting, and the technology that most Americans can afford today is staggering, even compared to twenty years ago. While it’s tempting to be caught up in the new phone fads, remember that a cheaper phone with a better battery life will serve you just as well. No one’s asking you to own a device that barely works, but you don’t have to keep chasing the best. (Phone companies change their model that often for a reason, you know.) You don’t have to fall prey to marketing schemes. Keep it simple, and enjoy a simpler life.