Always dreamed of your own spa? Why not make it happen?


We all lead such busy lives, which means that many of us struggle to find the time to relax, unwind and destress at the end of the day. And with the cost of living going up, many of us don’t have the budget to spend on a lavish day at the local spa. So, why not let the spa come to you and recreate you very own spa experience like Premiere Aesthetics at home? It’s a lot easier than you might think!

Read on for some helpful tips and ideas on how you can indulge yourself every night of the week.


Add a little nature

If you’ve ever visited a spa like Priority You MD or this plastic surgery & dermatology in Burr Ridge, IL, you’ll notice that there is plant life in abundance. This is because being surrounded by plants and plant life, gives us a sense of calm and peace. It’s also been scientifically proven that being around nature and greenery is not only good for us physically but also mentally too. If you want to unwind and find some inner peace then consider placing a few leafy green plants in your bathroom. Unsure of which plants to look for? Discover The Tree Center.  Not only will these carefully selected plants thrive in the hot, steamy room but they’ll look beautiful too.

Clutter is the enemy

When you picture a spa like Adoro Medical Spa or Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute, chances are you don’t include razor heads, bath toys and toothpaste along the edges of the room? Well your home spa should be no different. This might be tricky if you have a busy family bathroom to contend with, but with some thoughtful storage options, you can quickly clear all the surfaces in the bathroom. Think woven baskets and clear jars for simplicity and calm.

Now is the time to go through all those toiletries that seem to have accumulated over the years; all those bath sets and shower soaps you’ve received for Christmases long since passed. If floor space is limited, then try installing some high shelving which will keep all your skincare products and toiletries out of eyeline.


If your bathroom could use a lick of paint, always opt for neutral, earthy tones like pale greens and blues, even earthy browns will evoke a sense of calm. If in doubt just think spa. You don’t usually see seaside and nautical themed items in a steam room do you?

You shower head

You might not have the budget to treat yourself to a new bathroom suite or shower. But just making little changes will make your home spa experience feel more authentic. Investing in a high quality showerhead will boost your shower experience every time. Say goodbye to that leaky old showerhead once and for all!

Think comfort

Does your bathroom leave you feeling a little damp and soggy? Indulging in the best home spa products is the way to go when you’re creating a spa experience. One of the best things you can install in your bathroom is an infrared sauna. If you’re looking for a sauna to heat up quickly, an infrared or electronic sauna is the way to go. Treat yourself to some gorgeous fluffy towels and have them rolled up perfectly. And, what could be better then stepping out of the shower and onto a gorgeous, fluffy bath mat? Don’t forget the fluffy robe too!