Are you currently single for the holidays? Here are some things to appreciate about that phase.

The nature of human beings is a strange one – you always want what you do not have, and you do not appreciate what you have until it is gone. How many times have you looked at something that someone else has, and you suddenly feel inadequate? We are always persistent in comparing what we have and what someone else has, like cocaine withdrawal symptoms that refuse to go down until a detox session. Admit it, you are probably thinking that if you had what another person has, your life would be complete and you would be the happiest person in the world.

That same feeling is responsible for preventing you from enjoying and being satisfied with what you have. Sadly, it creeps into relationships as well – you do not feel adequate because you are single. While it is a normal feeling to want someone to love, people in relationships might be equally lonely because they want and miss their single days – but it is not about the state you are in, rather it is enjoying the status you are in. If you do not want to be single, these can help you out to obtain a few dates.

If you need some proof as to why you need to appreciate your single days, here are some reasons why.

You get to appreciate your own company

appreciate your own company

If you enjoy being alone, you will never be alone. Remember this – if you cannot stand being by yourself and enjoying your own company, how can anyone else want to be with you?

Being by yourself means exactly that – you do not spend your days on social media chatting with online friends, hanging on to coworkers or friends, or emailing until bedtime. It means that you do what you want, with or without the presence of other people.

For instance, going out to watch the latest movie by yourself, or trying a new restaurant without your friends to accompany you. In fact, these are great ways of meeting new people and getting to know yourself in the process. But if you really can’t stop thinking about him despite doing all the enjoyable things alone, then perhaps it might be time to do the first move.

You do not need to share your space

share your space

This is part of the things people in relationships miss the most. When you are single, you do not need to answer to anyone about your schedules, and most of all, you do not need to pick up after anyone.

You have the personal freedom to do so many things, such as ordering a pizza with all your favorite toppings and not worrying about a significant other. In addition, having things like sleepovers with your friends is not an issue – it is so free and you can do all the things you want.

No dealing with extra people

Speaking of personal space, the one thing that discourages some people from dating is the possibility of hosting the inner circle of your significant other, especially when your personality fails to mesh with theirs.

When you are single, you do not need to deal with all that, as it is your life, your rules – you set the rules of who is welcome in your space and who is not. When in doubt or uncomfortable, you simply decline the invite, and there are no unforeseen obligations you must fulfill.

You have the opportunity to meet and interact with different types of people

In the course of being single, you have the opportunities to interact with many types of people and get to interact with them. That also means you get to learn the basics of social interaction, standing up and asserting yourself, and learning to discern the people who will treat you honorably as opposed to the people who seem suspicious.

Interactions with different kinds of people satisfies the social curiosity you have, and it gives you a chance to learn about yourself as you interact with them while bringing a balance to your life. The was made for vegan singles dating, this can be a new thing for you to try. In addition, it creates a future benefit – it strengthens your relationship when you get into one, as you have learned to appreciate yourself. In addition, here’s a an advice for women dating if you want your ideal man to fancy you.

It gives you an opportunity to spoil yourself

spoil yourself

If you have never thought about it, being single is one of the best periods you can spend your money the way you want. As long as you plan well (and that is the general assumption), you can spend it freely and not have any regrets about whether your significant other is on board with the idea.

You get to learn about yourself

Before getting your feet in a relationship with someone, it is vital that you understand yourself first – and yet, too many people ignore this fact. This has led to many broken relationships and broken hearts everywhere.

Take advantage of the fact that you are unattached – and make the time to learn about who you are. You can let go of your past, get rid of any unpleasant issues under the surface, and let go of limiting beliefs that are hindering your open-mindedness. It gives you the chance to get in touch with yourself and your past, and solving those problems before you commit to someone else.

The result is that you have had sufficient space to empower yourself, as well as appreciating yourself to set boundaries with others – that means that people will start to treat you with respect.

 It provides you with the chance to create a life that you want

life that you want

Single hood is the best time you have to pursue any dreams you may be having – playing an instrument, getting a degree, joining a new class, changing your career, or renovate your living space. It gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your dreams and meeting new people, so do not waste it – make sure you create that life you have dreamed of before relationships and responsibilities come knocking.

In addition, it is hard to focus on yourself when there is another person in the picture – no matter how carefree they may be. That makes being single a good chance to be selfish with yourself, and make sure you do what you have set out to do.

Final thoughts

Many people are afraid of being single, and try as much as possible to run away from it – yet it should not be that way. It is a perfect time to discover who you are and what you want to do, as a relationship will not allow you to do that much.

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