Ways to Quit Smoking and Some Helpful Methods You Can Use


Getting past the stigma of smoking can be difficult.this day and age, many people frown upon smokers and in most public locations and shared spaces, smoking is prohibited by law. This can make you as a smoker feel like you have to hide your habit. The good news is there are some alternatives to smoking that can help you cope with withdrawals, and there are methods to help you quit completely if that’s what you choose.


Here are just a few examples of tools and methods you may wish to utilize:


Many people turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Because it doesn’t contain any tobacco, it is widely accepted in most public places. If you use a disposable vape, you can get e-liquid that contains nicotine and other ingredients commonly found in cigarettes. This can be a way to wean yourself off of cigarettes or it can be used as a replacement when you’re out in public and unable to smoke a cigarette. Some vape devices have fillers or liquid that are nicotine and carcinogen free. This gives you the ambiance of smoking a cigarette without all of the harsh chemicals and ingredients found in most cigarettes and smoke products. There are a variety of flavors and add-on boxes you can utilize to build your vape kit and customize your e-cig. Depending on what your needs are and your budget, you can purchase an e-cig and vape juice from ZampleBox that will help you beat the nasty stares that come along with having a real cigarette in your mouth.

Over-the-counter Aids to Help with Withdrawals

There are some over-the-counter medications and aids that you can use to help combat nicotine and cigarette cravings. Many of these items are affordable and you can find them in the convenience of your local drug or major retailer store. Gum that contains nicotine is a great place to start! It slowly releases nicotine into your saliva and bloodstream so you can satisfy your cravings and reduce the side effects of withdrawal. It gives you something to do with your mouth, rather than reach for snacks—something that many people do when withdrawing from cigarettes. The downfall with stopping smoking can be weight gain, that’s why the gum option can help some people who tend to turn to food for comfort. Another option is throat lozenges. These slowly release nicotine and can help with cravings. One over-the-counter option is the nicotine patch. The patch is applied as directed and slowly releases nicotine. This is a no-fuss option that may be able to help you resist the urge to smoke.

All Natural Remedies

If you don’t feel like using more chemicals to help curb your smoking habit, there are natural remedies and methods out there to try. One is the ancient practice of acupuncture. By targeting specific trigger points throughout your body, you may be able to curb or control cravings for a cigarette. It can also help you relax, which also reduces the chances of grabbing for a smoke.

Hypnotherapy is another method to try for smoking cessation. When a professional hypnotherapist targets the psychological of your smoking habit, it may be able to provide a trigger for you to quit cold turkey. This can be quite controversial and should be approached with an open mind.

This hypnotherapy training can now be completed online at your leisure. There are 11 lessons, each with resources available for viewing or download. As you study, you will be prompted to complete a series of tests which will be graded by your teacher in real time, no long waits!

Talking to Your Doctor

If you really want to quit, but you’ve been unsuccessful with either cutting back or stopping smoking cold turkey, talk to your doctor from Recoverydelivered.com now servicing Minnesota. There are some prescription strength patches and pills that are a higher dosage than over-the-counter products, but keep in mind there may be some side effects. A complete medical workup is the best way to ensure that there is not an underlying condition going on that could boost your stress or pain levels. Some examples include an underlying hormone imbalance, which is best treated with hormone replacement therapy,  or other possible thyroid condition. Pre-menopause in women can also make stress levels soar. Treating these conditions and getting on the right medications may be able to make stopping smoking more manageable for you. There are also classes and groups in a hospital or clinic setting that may also help you control your smoking habit. Ask your doctor for a referral.

Whatever methods you decide to use to cut back or stop smoking, don’t let it overwhelm you. If you feel like you can’t stop smoking and you want to, seek professional help right away.