Can cannabis help to improve motivation?


Cannabis users are often accused of having no motivation, spending all day on the sofa eating junk food and watching TV shows. However, there are others who find that a small quantity of marijuana helps to make them more creative. Non-psychoactive Delta 8 cannabidiol (CBD) products, which have become more widely used, are aiding some to become more productive. By following this website you can learn about the many other benefits for humans and pets.

Most dispensary are on using a dispensary POS system, or dispensary point-of-sale system, a software like the ones at that allows them to make and track sales transactions of legal cannabis in every dispensary. With so many different cannabis-based products available now at a cannabis dispensary, it’s likely that some can be very useful for motivation, while others may me less beneficial. For instance, a cannabis strain rich in psychoactive THC and low in CBD is going to induce a potent “high” and be distracting, whereas a non-intoxicating CBD wholesale product won’t cause any mind-altering effects, but may increase clarity.

What is CBD?

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids and naturally-occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but as the former does not have any psychoactive properties, it’s a lot more accessible than THC. Most CBD products are hemp-based, as these can be made from full extracts of strains, while being kept non-psychotropic. CBD products made from whole-plant extracts are regarded as full-spectrum, whereas a product made from isolated CBD molecules is known as CBD-isolate.

Using CBD does not affect cognitive function or motor control, and this lack of impairment makes it more suitable for many than cannabis with THC. Taken responsibly, CBD is not overly sedating. As a biphasic substance, a low dose of CBD produces different effects to a high dose. A small amount of CBD can even be energizing. If you would like to have cannabis delivered to you contact Amuse.

There are also companies that offer cannabis delivery service for edibles. This is perfect for those who prefer cannabis-infused snacks instead of smoking CBD or using topicals.

What is motivation?

Cannabis culture has had to put up with attacks that partakers in the drug are lazy and lack motivation. It’s somewhat ironic, given that many of the world’s most famous songs and pieces of art have been created with the help of weed.

But to go deeper, motivation is also difficult to define, as not everybody interprets it in the same way. There is some scientific research on motivation, however, with experts knowing what chemical adjustments and reactions happen in the brain when our motivation changes. Also, you could try here to find more information on medical marijuana clinics and it’s usage.

As people, we can sense when our motivation increases, as we feel positive emotions such as passion, a desire for success, a willingness to work hard and a dash of inspiration. Contrastingly, a scientist studying the brain and motivation would see a change in activity in various regions of the brain, including the striatum.

Motivation and the brain

The striatum regulates multiple areas related to motivation, such as pleasure-reward systems, cognition and behavior. The striatum gives us confirmation whenever we are carrying out a task correctly. For instance, when opening a door, moving our hand to the handle will send a pleasurable chemical hit to the striatum. Over time, the striatum becomes wired so that it ends up being second nature to carry out these activities – the neurotransmitter dopamine helps to solidify this wiring. To find out which is the best strain of marijuana for you, check out these guys.

Motivation rises as we get accustomed to a certain behavior, although this effect can work both positively and negatively. Overconsumption of some drugs can stimulate plenty of feel-good chemicals without serving us any actual benefit. However, as such behavior becomes learned, we can get addicted to these drugs.

However, if the striatum is carefully manipulated so that it forms helpful learned behavior, with improve cognition associated with pleasure, then we can get ourselves motivated for personal development. CBD may have a role to play in this process.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) where cannabinoids initiate their most notable effects, is present in the striatum – indeed, the ECS is found all over the central nervous system and is teeming with CB1 receptors. As the ECS is active in the striatum, we can suppose that cannabinoids can either have a positive or negative effect on motivation. While taking large quantities of THC and lounging around will form unhelpful brain patterns, taking a CBD wax wholesale product when trying to form a habit may make it more enjoyable to do and improve your mood in the process – this links pleasure to the habit, so that it’s easier to get motivated.

If you need to be discreet about your use of CBD, then capsules or edibles like gummy bears will allow you to medicate anytime anyplace without getting noticed. Vapers can get the effects of CBD more quickly by taking it in an e-juice. You can check out all these products and more in this online dispensary Canada.

Final thought

The benefits of CBD for motivation look promising, despite the lack of research. With the ECS affecting the striatum, it looks to be a case of nurturing it with the right compounds.

Image Credits: cannabis from Ryland zweifel /Shutterstock