Features of the Best Drive Through Cattle Gates

cattle gates

One thing that is very important in every farm is keeping the animals safe within a given perimeter. To ensure this, farmers usually surround their cattle farms with some kind of fence. This provides the enclosure within which the cattle can roam.

The farmer and other farm hands however need to have a way of accessing this space to provide care to the animals so they usually install an automatic gate at some point in the perimeter fence. To make the property more secure, high quality fence supplies must be used for the fence. If you’re unsure of what those materials might be, simply work with an experienced fence contractor that can provide their expertise and ensure the best build for the area you wish to cover.

The challenge however is that in certain circumstances, these gates can constitute a nuisance especially when you are driving a vehicle.

Given that farmers have to face many problems financially. Keeping in view all these problems, a helpful financial scheme similar to यहां देखे has been started and provided by the government to help them out and recover.

Having to alight to open the gates and then getting back in the vehicle and driving through only to alight again to close the gate can be annoying and time consuming when you have a lot to do. To solve this challenge, gates that you can drive through without having to alight were designed.

This is what we are examining in this article.

Types of Drive Through Cattle gates

These gates have different designs, all aimed at achieving the same thing – keeping the cattle in and making it easy for you to drive in.

Here are a few examples:

Electric Drive Through Gates

These are not really electric operated gates. They are usually thin flexible arms covered by fiberglass polyethylene. They are usually a pair, one attached to each post. When any vehicle drives through, they are easily pushed aside without causing any damage to the vehicle. They are also spring loaded so that after they are pushed aside, they automatically return to their original position.

The part the electricity plays is simply to keep the animals at bay. Physically, these tiny arms cannot keep any animal within its confinement. However, with the attached streamers that conduct some electric current, if any animal tries to push against the arm, it will receive a mild shock. This will serve to discourage it from going further and in the process make them generally stay away from those arms.

Drive Over Gates

These are sturdier gates that are designed to fall over when a vehicle pushes slightly against it. Once it is down, the vehicle can drive over it and then it will return to its original position, blocking any animals from getting out. These do not use any electricity.

Drive Through Gates

This is similar to the drive over type in that it is also a sturdy design that can keep the animals within their perimeter. However, rather than falling over when pushed against by a vehicle, it swings open and shuts back in place after the vehicle has driven through hence the name. Read more here.

Just as with the drive over gates, these are purely mechanical, requiring no electricity.

Features to Look Out For

When shopping for a drive through gate, you need to be on the lookout for certain critical features. Some of these include the following:

Easy Installation

This is one very important feature to look out for. You do not need something that will require that you hire a professional to install. This will mean additional cost and will also be an indication that should anything go wrong with it, you may have to once again hire someone to work on it.

Does Not Cause Any Damages

Be sure to check that whatever product you choose is designed not to cause any damage to your vehicle. The damage could be to the side of the vehicle if the gate swings back and hits it or as you push against the gate.

Most of these gates have padded extensions that make contact with the vehicle without causing any damage. A good example is the type you can find on https://bumpndrive.com.

No Electricity Required

If electricity is required for any reason, it reduces the ease with which the gate can be used because it introduces another element that has to be taken care of. It also adds some risk to the operations of the gate which you can most certainly do without. Look for one that does not require electricity at all.

Can be Used Year-Round and Anywhere

Check to be sure that you can use the gate anywhere and at any time of the year. Using an electric fence during the rainy seasons may not be a great idea. It should also be something you can install anywhere you wish.


Once you find a drive through gate that possesses all the features listed above, you can be sure that you will enjoy the full benefits it has to offer.