Disney Inspired Jewellery Creations

disney inspired jewellery

Disney is a synonym of the fairy tales, the musical symphonies, and the beautiful themes. From the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs in 1937 to classic Cinderella, we have loved them all and aspired to be like them. We all have grown up looking and singing to the Disney songs. What mostly mesmerised us was the glittering custom jewelry matching with the terrific costumes and bewitching props of the characters. No matter how grown up, we are, deep down we still want to possess the beautiful jewellery that once our character had in our favourite Disney movie. 

At diamond treats, we understand how important your traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is. Therefore we have embarked a mission to present you with what the child inside you have always desired. Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Moana’s blue necklace – Moana was the protagonist in Disney’s film released in 2016. She was courageous, sea-loving and strong-willed. She inherited a blue necklace from her grandmother which played a key role in the entire film. How fascinating it would be to be able to wear the same necklace! To make it a success we have made it from beautiful eight pearls enlaced in brown macramé cord. The blue chalcedony crystal as a pendant steals the show and it is also believed that this crystal can suck out the negative energy of the wearer.
  2. Lustrous Cinderella’s earrings – Cinderella is the most beautiful and popular character of the Disney till now. Cinderella was released in 1950, and still, we cannot get enough of it. The feature showed us how optimism and politeness could make your fortune. Though the story revolves around the glass slippers, we couldn’t keep our eyes off from the studs that our protagonist was wearing. We created those beautiful diamond earrings from 18 small diamonds and one large diamond in the middle perfectly set in 18-carat gold.
  3. Esmeralda’s jewelry – Esmeralda is a deuteragonist from “The hunchback of Notre Dame”. She was kind and beautiful who helped Quasimodo in leaving the bell tower. Her looks included stunning hooped earrings and enchanting gold bangles. To recreate the similar jewelry, we used 18-carat gold which is just perfect if you want to feel as fiery and as loving like Esmeralda. When recreating jewelry, check this article about sterling silver vs silver.
  4. Cruella de Vil’s turquoise ring – Cruella de Vil was the antagonist in famous ‘One hundred and one Dalmatians’. Her half black and white hairs suited her character perfectly. Though she was ruthless, her character was interesting. She loved high fashion and art, justifying why everybody liked the glamorous blue ring on her finger. To ensure that the ring we are creating, resembles the one on Cruella de Vil’s finger, we used solid platinum with a large blue moonstone in the centre. This ring is the perfect fit when you want to look royal and elegant.
  5. Exquisite Jasmine’s gold necklace – Princess Jasmine is a beautiful and elegant princess from the film ‘Aladdin’. Jasmine being a noble character was not allowed to leave the walls of the palace, and as a result, she felt suffocated. As the film progressed, we found her to be an independent and free-willed character with a catchy eye necklace around her neck. To make the necklace as regal as in the movie we used 18-carat gold and shaped it in a perfect ‘v’. For people who want to invest in gold like this can turn to sites like https://small-bizsense.com/7-tips-for-investing-in-gold/ to provide them with the best information.
  6. Magnificent earring drops from the queen of heart – Queen of heart from ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ was a tyrant ruler of Wonderland. Although she was dominating and everybody developed a strong disliking of the character, her earring drops succeeded in grabbing everyone’s attention. We used 18-carat gold and shaped them in perfect triangles to recreate the same earrings. 
  7. Sparkling Evil queen’s necklace – Evil queen is an antagonist from ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs’. She was incredibly jealous of the beauty of Snow White. We all have cursed her and hated her for her misdeeds, but we have admired her necklace. To replicate her necklace, we have used an oversized herkimer diamonds on a white gold chain. If you want to purchase these diamonds yourself, you can visit https://www.innervisioncrystals.net/collections/herkimer-diamond-quartz-crystals.
  8. Unique necklace of Aurora – Aurora is a protagonist from ‘Sleeping beauty’ who is kind, elegant and gentle. She was cursed which could only be lifted after being kissed by her true love. We replicate the necklace that she wore by using 18-carat gold and designing it in ‘V’ Shape. 

There are thousands of Disney princess that we admire and want to follow their style statement. These Disney inspired Jewellery will not only make you stand out, but it will take you back to the moment when the world was innocent and filled with fun. Looking for more jewelry options? You can check out Toner Jewelers here.