5 Important Steps to Take When an Appliance Breaks at Home

Appliance Breaks

Appliances like refrigerators and washing machines are designed to make our lives easier, so it can be stressful when one breaks at home.

Homeowners often invest a lot of money into their appliances. So when a refrigerator or washing machine breaks, they usually consider repair services first. But it’s important to follow a few simple steps before calling a local repair technician.

Determine if the appliance is actually broken

Sometimes, an appliance isn’t completely broken and it just stopped working temporarily. Factors like high temperatures, lack of power, or even an unplugged cord can all cause an appliance to briefly stop working. So take some time to troubleshoot and determine if it was a temporary problem or not.

Look at the warranty

If you have a warranty for the appliance, now is the time to take a look at it. Many appliance warranties cover a variety of common problems, like electrical problems. So before going any further, check to see if the problem is covered under warranty so you can avoid having to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Consider the age of the appliance

While there may be a number of reasons why an appliance stops working, age is a common one. If your appliance is around 10 years old or older, there may not be much hope for repairing it. All appliances stop working eventually, and it’s important to not waste money repairing an appliance on its last legs.

Do your research

If you decide to go ahead and repair the appliance, you then need to do some research. Many homeowners try to repair appliances themselves, but this can be dangerous and often do more harm than good. So consider how complex the problem is and look into nearby repair services to ensure you get the best people for the job.

Call a professional repair technician

In order to get your appliance fixed properly, make sure to look into reliable, local services (i.e if you live in Oregon, then look for appliance repair in Portland). A good appliance repair company has experience and good references from previous customers.

Final Slide: Having an appliance that isn’t working can be frustrating, and it may be tempting to hire someone right away to repair or replace the machine. But following these simple steps will help you save money and get the job done right.

image credit: Appliance Breaks via Axtem/shutterstock