Explore Louis Poulsen’s Universe of Lighting


If you are into Danish design and appreciate sculptural and innovative lamps, you will not be disappointed when checking out Louis Poulsen’s huge selection of lamps. The brand has a long tradition of designing lamps for private homes as well as businesses. Over the years they have collaborated with various designers, where Poul Hennigsen, the man behind the iconic PH Lamps, which can be found in nearly every Danish home today, might be one of Louis Poulsen’s most famous collaborations. However, you will also find other prominent designers in the selection, as Louis Poulsen have also collaborated with Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen and Louise Campbell.

A piece of art to be enjoyed every day

Namedropping prominent designers who have worked for Louis Poulsen does not say anything about the selection of lamps you can acquire from the brand. Louis Poulsen produces everything from floor/table lamps to decorative pendants over simple wall lamps to pretty outdoor lamps. There is a good chance you will find whatever you have been looking for among the many different designers. The timeless and unique quality, which is characteristic for all lamps from Louis Poulsen, makes lamps so much more than a source of lighting. The lamps becomes as statement piece in the home to be used and enjoyed every day. Buying a Louis Poulsen lamp is an investment in design-classics and a piece of art, to get them carefully installed, hire an expert at https://christmaslightinstallation.org/.

Lamps for future generations

Louis Poulsen has for a very long time taken the throne of great quality lamps and designs. Only four words can be used to sum up the essence of Louis Poulsen’s past and future design collaborations and they are unbelievable simple: Timeless, unique and great quality – and those four words are more than enough, since the overall goal is to create lamps with long lasting lifespan when it comes down to design and quality. That is to ensure the timelessness of the lamps, but also to make sure that the lamps fit into old and new homes and venues. Louis Poulsen do so by continuously engaging in existing collaboration with new, young and visionary designers who are able to create ground-breaking designs, which can be enjoyed by generations to come. If you want to learn much more about Louis Poulsen and the different collections, you can see more here.

image credit: lighting via Dmytro Bochkov/shutterstock