The Merits And Performance Of Italian Fabrics

Italian Fabrics

The distinctive element that makes Italian fabrics famous throughout the world, comes from a highly successful formula in which, inter-woven with the weft and warp, are not only the centuries-old tradition of its local areas, but also their constant innovation. This is the result of studies and research, both during the creative phase and during the production process itself.

That is why, fine Italian fabrics – whether wool, silk, cotton or linen – provide the best introduction, a kind of identity card, that distinguishes the collections of Italian textile producers both online and at the most famous fashion houses.

So, if this recipe is followed, fine Italian fabrics can become the essential ingredient that you cannot do without and which it would be unwise to dismiss, when thinking of creating a garment for either men or women. Fine Italian fabrics thus become the key to standing out, putting the focus on the quality of the raw material, the undisputed creativity and, last but not least, the quality and precision of the tailoring.


The most famous Italian fabrics used in traditional tailoring are the result of the dedication and extensive research work carried out by textile producers in Italy:

The pinstripe: a special striped fabric, usually on a dark background, such as black, blue or grey, on which very fine contrasting vertical lines are drawn, as if they were lines made with chalk on a blackboard. Initially conceived as a fine Italian fabric for men’s clothing, today, thanks to the sale of fabrics online, it has become a unisex item, so that it is “paraded” on catwalks during women’s fashion weeks.

Prince of Wales is also considered to be a fine fabric due to its versatility and it can be used for both jackets and suits for both winter and spring. Its exclusive pattern, designed by King Edward VII when he was still Prince of Wales, features iconic check designs produced through endless variations of tones and colours.


Among the famous Italian fabrics, houndstooth undoubtedly stands out. It is a shuttle weaving fine fabric, with a special colour effect achieved through the use of yarns of contrasting colours interwoven to form the classic pattern reminiscent of hen’s feet. Hence the French name, pied de poule.

Another foreign name for a world-famous Italian fabric is the Oxford. This is a fine Italian micro-weave fabric, generally made of cotton, which is used in classic tailoring for making men’s shirts. The main characteristic of this fabric is its two-tone appearance created by the interlacing of the threads in the warp, presenting a different fineness and colour to those in the weft. Complete the look with luxury modern watches for men. Every watch enthusiast loves dive watches.